Kamala Harris and Allyson Felix Instagram Live: Black Maternal Health

Thank you, Allyson Felix, for the real talk today about Black maternal health and equal pay—and the quarantine workout advice!


  1. Tremendous energy here. Really underrated friend talk here, where they are lock step with each other.

  2. Kamala is Muslim. I doubt "harris" is her real last name. Many of them have purposely come here to run for office and ruin our republic. They know what states and cities they can swing votes, and they're succeeding just fine

  3. So lovely to see Allyson Felix and kamala Harris two USA Jamaican power move. Kamala Harris 2020

  4. Hi Senator, get ready to work HARD to become the de-facto VP. Someone needs to get Joe out of the basement and take control of the face of the Democratic Party. C’mon Kamala, take control. We have to win which means we have to take control NOW. I’m rooting for you.

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