Jocko Podcast 229: Pick a Plan and GET AFTER IT. Any Good Plan Executed Boldly is Better.

Join the conversation on Twitter/Instagram: @jockowillink @echocharles 0:00: 00 – Opening 0:10:59 – General Omar Bradley’s take on Leadership. 1:49:15 …


  1. "Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment."
    So wild to hear my father's oftquoted phrase in Jocko's rumbling voice…
    Thank you for that.
    I can feel him smiling from the other side.
    I needed that today.

  2. The best plan that "staff officer in your head" can come up with is "Listen to Jocko. Act on what he says. Now."

  3. Ideas are matches that light fires. Without acknowledging the inspiration or the source of the idea, or to claim full credit for the creation/ execution is amount to intellectual dishonesty. Regardless of anyone's (Echo's strong feeling) that fact will not change.

  4. Jocko and Echo. Have you warriors ever wanted to have an everyday guy on? There's nothing special about me… As in I have no medals worth speaking of. But I have a few great stories (IMO) FUNNY more than anything. I can't compete with most guys on your podcast, but we'll have a laugh

  5. Jocko needs to let echo run the podcast for a bit, and run for some political position, we need some serious change in this country rn

  6. I have an idea for an app that chides and scolds you in Jocko when you are working out, or especially when you miss a workout, maybe at 3:45 AM. Occasionally you might get a grunt of approval when you beat a PR or a demotivational story of despair that you must mentally overcome. I'm an idea guy.

  7. There's more good news that convalescent plasma works :DDD!!!!!
    Ok, based on the fact that I am not seeing too many countries jumping on this badwagon right away, I am going to assume that it was not based on the original "pandemic response" blue-print, and say that we should really add it as phase 1, bc its the easiest to develop and can be based on local supply chains. And then we can develop a coherant international response which avoids PPE and vaccine bottle necks of supplies.

    And then we could technically provide some much needed leadership in the areas of respiratory health standards for the international community. BC this is NOT the 1st coronovirus to get exported from obscure markets in various parts of the world. And then we can restore international travel, which we cannot really do otherwise….unless we want to gamble with ppls lives, which I personally do not, bc I'm not a psychopath. I find that if you try to act with integrity things typically work out for the best.

  8. and about the pandemic and my other posts about it: dude if u tell them they will listen to u. who am I anyways? 😂😜 tell them the truth Jocko. ur the one driving this car right? I’m just speaking my mind and not just to trigger people. I know we all get triggered but it’s how we react right? well? you’d be saving lives right now.

  9. Any chance you got advice for how to deal with step children? Engaged and fiance has a 7 year old kid. Would love to hear you speak on the subject of how to assert your authority in that situation, making sure to get the results you want and not have marital struggles.

  10. That ancient ego massage technique book could, IMO, have a subtitle: "Flattery will get you anywhere". Lol

  11. So the series "The thread" has been deleted, was turning into one of my favorite ones, is this simply moved to another platform or are we SOL?

  12. I think what Echo is trying to say with mature, is that there are traits that we associate at being older/mature, and being able to articulate yourself properly is one. Jocko is exceptional at bringing ideas to proper and simple words that can be understood. There are other traits also but you can simplify them to a single word leader.

  13. Incredible Jocko as always , spot on ! In the Town of Spring hill they don't sleep ezzy , often the earth will tremble and roll my all time fav folk song . 6 mins in must go for a walk lots happening new job MH( ala NHS) and some on line training soon , but lovely Jocko so not only are you a man to look to but you understand maturity when it comes down to it , the "mission" is paramount and the safety of personnel at getting job done , I love the for ……Army ( surprise surprise)!
    Bradley sounds very intelligent and Paton a right c…
    Yep Rigth again I am instinctively an ideas discussion exploration man not a practical DIY er Leaders Must be DIY , DIY , DIY through and through , but when it comes to ideas put me in a room with Einstein or Darwin or St Jof Cr and I'm away from what if , and explore analyze, question and then ah ha , remember guys 14 phoning me how do did you sove that equation or complex geometric problem look is easy , come exam they were a bit lost though.

    Need a walk its been a busy morning already God bless Jocko …

    ( sir…

    just teasing )

  14. Patton wanted to head into Russia after WW dos. Alas his life ended in an odd way as well. For him to say Bradley was too conservative says quite a lot.

  15. Hey Jocko or Comment Section, Been watching Jockos Podcast for a couple days, and it’s really encouraged me to stay determined and continue to execute my everyday positive habits such as working out, reading, meditation and etc. Getting after it, I’ve graduated high school in 2016 and never really found what I truly wanted to do it is now 2020 and most of my fellow high school classmates have graduated from college. Leaving me behind and having regrets of not fully getting after college I’m going back in the fall and plan on absolutely crushing it. However I still feel really bad on not getting after it upon the completion of high school any advice when going back. Probably a minor issue to many just wanted some thoughts. Keep getting after it! I’m 21 years old

  16. @30:00 Jocko wanted to start a podcast… He wanted to buy a tape recorder… You guys aligned – Jiu Jitsu, Echo being good at video/podcasting/etc; Jocko at extreme ownership & leading by example. Technical skills, strategies within broader strategies.

  17. Do all tough guys swear? Is that a prerequisite to confidence or an elite frogman, leader? What foundation does Jocko build on?

  18. 😆 the best leaders are feared not by who they are but by what they go through most fear to go 😤

  19. Another good 1 but I'm Disappointed with y'alls personal views propping up people who cheat & steal someone's idea & profit from it not thinking about the original guy who might not have had the same connections or knowledge with moral values & trust. Happened to myself & could have made tons of money but was stolen. Sorry but that shit contradicts a lot of subjects you have touched on. Maybe stick to the subject matter instead of your personal opinions. Way easier to criticize when you have hind sight & a successful business/life. Still a loyal listener but hearing y'all praise someone for stealing another's idea is hard to understand as a regular guy.

  20. This is the first time I’ve watched some and not just listened. Needless to say from echos voice I was not expecting him to be a gorilla. Awesome!

  21. My birthday was May 1. My family got me Discipline Equals Freedom, Leadership Strategy and Tactics, Mint Chocolate MÖLK, and Peanut Butter Chocolate MÖLK. Best birthday ever

  22. Jocko doesn't seem to understand why products are made overseas…The reason why is because people would not be able to afford a pair of jeans made in America. Not everyone is loaded like him.

  23. You make me regret not joining when I was younger!! with your knowledge of war & management, the popularity you have would you ever run for Secretary of defense my opinion I think your what this country needs

  24. Thanks Jocko. Things aren’t going so well at home here & this will help take the edge off it 🙏

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