ISP tasked with keeping weed out of Indiana

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb says he’s not worried about keeping Indiana pot-free, now that three of our four neighboring states have legalized some form of …


  1. Once again it goes to show that the politicians we elect to represent us are not listening to the people. Love him or hate him, that's how President Trump was elected. People tired of not being listen to and Trump was elected to shake things up. Indiana has a great opportunity to be at the forefront and be the Nations top leading producers of cannabis. But instead, he wants to keep what grows naturally,marijuana illegal and keep opiates which is made in a chemical lab and highly addictive legal. We Hoosiers need to stand up and start forcing this issues we want and vote out this politicians that are only serving their special interests.

  2. Had two plants for med use ( 67 year old ) arthritis and joint pain. State police saw it in fly over patrol. Was arrested charged with 3 misdemeanors 1 felony.
    Bail and fine plus lawyer fees.
    Probably probation and cumunity service.

  3. Holcomb has to go ! he’s hosing up the state. Dragging his feet and making excuse after excuse . These poor Indiana farmers be committing suicide and shit but we could be growing legal hemp by the field load and saving these Indiana farms …

  4. I have family that could benefit from medical marijuana, hell i could benefit from medical marijuana. Gov. Holcomb is just another impediment to people trying make their lives better. Meanwhile he probably smokes cigars, chugs booze, and parties with strippers like a lot of other politicians. I just want help with pain that isn't legalized heroin and with sleeping at night. 1 cousin has seizures and another has M.S., but you enjoy your holier than thou position of hurting the few so others that just want to have a good time can be stopped from such a heinous pursuit. A-hole

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