1. Macron is no different to the other western politicians,who are selected,and not elected!
    Macron was taught at a Jesuit school,by his transgender wife,and trained at a Knight's Templar
    finishing school,where all the top politicians go.
    He is a homo-sexual,like all the top politicians,too.
    His finishing school is protected by Muslim guards,just to prove that the Muslims are not the
    The Knight's Templar's are a military order,and controlled by the Jesuits!!!
    Zionism is another off-shoot of the Vatican,and the fake Jews are puppets of Rome.
    Shimon Perez was even trained at a Polish Jesuit school,and gave the Temple Mount,to the

  2. Always love the truth Mark , cbd oil is brilliant but lately the band wagon has been jumped on selling shit .

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