Is CBD Being Suppressed?

Tonight Donald interviews Frank Kahler. Frank talks about his battle getting CBD oil for his adult children who both have extensive mental issues, he claims his …


  1. 33:39 the active lipids in the cannabis plant so match our own lipids in our cells that it is 40,000 times safer than Aspirin … nothing pharma makes can replicate the entire plant = No thing… the new and coming out bio-synthetic cannabinoids will be a better match because of the enzymatic formation involving the Yeast and bacteria … that can model cannabinoids similarly to how the plant does it . the plant has been modeling them for 50 million years though ,. we have a lot of catching up to do !

  2. Folks Frank Kahler…thru my anxiousness, a misquote I made was "the government came up with their own CBD". What I meant to say was that "the gov had approved CBD, by prescription for epilepsy & seizures"!!! I believe it was mid summer 18!?

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