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  1. I am happy to see this research unfolding so that these healing modalities can become socially acceptable and made available to a broader spectrum of people. I understand that for the scientific community to utilize these substances they have to be put through the rigorous qualification trials to ensure efficacy and safety to engender trust and integrity. However I do take exception to two points made in this lecture; the dismissal of the role of psychonauts and the possibility for breakthrough experiences.

    I am a middle aged white male living in the Eastern United States. I have been diagnosed with PTSD due to child abuse. I have spent much of my life in talk therapy and have been given many psychiatric medications none of which have been effective. I have also spent my life studying Eastern spirituality and have experimented with classic psychedelics for 40 years. (LSD, Mescaline, Salvinorin A and Psilocybin) . I consider myself a psychonaut and I have had a break through experience.

    Although science is based in hard facts, proof and reductionism I believe it is a mistake and a repetition of the continual denial of the scientific community to accept and embrace the spiritual and philosophic implications of these experiences. What one experiences under the influence of a high dose of a psychedelic substance is and always will be beyond the capacity of measurement and quantification. While I wholeheartedly embrace using these substances to heal as many people as possible I will forever stand against the scientific reduction of these powerful tools to only pharmaceutical capital that once again sterilizes and monopolizes an incredible holistic life altering potentiality.

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