Inside the Mind of a Pro: Aladin Reskallah @ 2019 WSOP (1)

After Davidi Kitai, Pierre Calamusa, Joao Vieira and Mustapha Kanit, it’s now Aladin Reskallah’s turn to shine at the 2019 World Series of Poker. The double Top …


  1. unlucky not much going on…next time. Maybe a little bit more aggressive in some spot would compensate the card dead moments. For that reason i prefer Kanit approach but he´s one of a kind…ahahah Anyway gg and well done Winamax for these series, amazing really!

  2. This is a great show and really enjoy the episodes. Thank you Winamax! There are more videos on your other Winamax Espana YT channel that don't provide for English captions. Any way you can change those so English speaking viewers can also watch those?

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