Indoor WEED GROW 🌱 Growing CANNABIS CLONES At Home‼️

Indoor Weed Grow Growing CANNABIS CLONES At home ‼️ In todays video I wanted to give you a quick update on my indoor weed grow. To be honest, I …


  1. Do you flower in a different room.look like some sativa action.i wish regular community was like the grow community.people that grow are some of the most kind people i ever run across.

  2. Way to bring her back to life…. Love to see my sisters out here Mending the Atmosphere and using Energy to Create…. Hope you stay rockin some Safety Glasses under them Lights…

  3. Gotta love that feeling when they bounce back! Good job😎 im sure you remember the clone issues I had at the beginning of this grow! We ran into the same wall. These plants can be very resilient

  4. Grow out that crystal candy
    Cut it up make clones for next run. That one will give tons of grower stress if you run it at that hight.
    I use b complex vitamins
    Re-vive after transplant and after any stress. Also need to give beneficial bacteria. Or mycorrhiza. Great white, mykos, azos.

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