I Read Dave Rubin's Book so You Don't Have To

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  1. Pretty good video, I agree with most stuff but thought I'd nitpick and comment a bit. I got a free pdf version of the book and I have the time, I guess
    1:31 the reason why he doesn't actually substantiate any of his points is because he clears up in the first chapter that his book isn't about how the left 'has gone insane' or whatever, thus he won't focus on debunking their points. makes for a kinda weak book when his worldview sucks, but yeah
    1:51 the op-ed you cite doesn't actually link the study within it, and a response to the op-ed done in 2019 actually made a pretty decent rebuttal of it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tomlindsay/2019/07/31/is-free-speech-on-campus-really-doing-just-fine/#2ddfb6f84403
    also, the atlantic op-ed you cite says at the bottom that "This article is part of β€œThe Speech Wars,” a project supported by the Charles Koch Foundation" so that's a bruh moment
    9:58 I noticed that as well, it got kind of annoying after a while but I think it says something about his writing style. He's more an illustrative guy, using metaphors and the sort to explain more complex ideas. It almost added a feeling of personality to the writing, which I thought was interesting and annoying at the same time.
    15:35 is this even true from rubin? probably would have been worth looking into that, the analogy you made instead will not be useful for reaching out to moderate conservatives
    18:49 he recently came out as a proper conservative and even before then it was painfully obvious so yeah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00TAbfnKUN0
    28:56 could be an arbitrary human vs animal divider thing which he uses as a moral boundary, but yeah that's an interesting point for sure and I don't think it's one I've heard before
    37:14 I've been helping with an expanded version of that research doc for a while now, recommend you check it out https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UhneOJvvO9vzHIUWfgKWJCCFi0LDNj_3p6LGBkIo6mU/edit
    1:05:15 1:05:58 could you send link for this? that stuff sounds really useful to counter right-wing arguments on the subject. for future reference, it could be worth checking out pastebin.com or the sort for being able to paste all of your sources quickly and without having a text limit
    1:09:45 honestly I don't think rubin supports bureaucracy in the healthcare industry, he probably hasn't thought about it that much though
    Again, very well researched video and great job! For every criticism I had of the video, there were probably like 10 things that I either learned or agreed with.

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