1. Greetings from Germany you have a new love daughter l was looking for bite leaf where does it grow up ? ? It's natural or not and then I saw your Video in the Village l was so happy how natural and real your family was I'm sending you big love from Germany.

  2. Very tasty vegetable, planted some in my garden, it gives my egusi soup a taste out of this world.

  3. Please Madam can you show me a picture of the seed of this plant while it is still attached to the living plant. Please just the seed attach. Thanks..

  4. Please how can I get some to plants does it's has is seed so you can plants and is this in the markets I said grocery store you can go and buy in the US

  5. Thanks for the info mam. But what about the dried bitter leaf can I still get the benefits

  6. I Blend mine with ginger and quaker oat you can add honey if you are active during the day but at night i dont add oat and honey

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