How to Stimulate Dragon Fruit Bud Growth With Nutrients

Check out this video to see how I help my Dragon fruits grow more flower buds! FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL Want to see pictures of all my Dragon Fruits? Follow …


  1. Hi Richard…
    Which variety of dragon fruit has highest yield?
    And which variety can survive in highest temperature?

    Keep uploading videos bro…
    Love from India ❀️

  2. Thanks for the videos! I've learned a lot from watching your channel. I'm just sadden that I spent over $100 for some cuttings just to get them in such bad condition. Hopefully from what I've picked up from you I'll be able to save a few of them. Keep up the awesome job!

  3. Hey Richard the Dragon Master. First of all, i would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge through out the world about dragon fruit. I live in Panama, Central America. My parents been planting many dragon fruits for years and we got only 2 dragon fruit last year… After searching for videos about dragonfruit then I came across this channel. And I had learned a lot thanks to you! I hope that this week i can successfully self/cross pollinate the dragon fruit's flowers.

  4. I figured you’re Filipino when you said tabo…are you?hahaha…my DFs arenot happy ..triple digit here….been watching you and very informative!!!sooo jealous of your babies!!!!!!!

  5. I have a mature cutting that has around 12" of new growth. Will the flora nova bloom work well with cuttings that are just starting to grow?

  6. Hi Richard,I am sorry to say, But I think you were ment to say Potassium and calcium.Please correct me. Thank you , god bless you all.AND KEEP SAFE we love your videos.

  7. Do you have any recommendations for fertilizers to promote growth on cuttings? I.e. after they have started to root, to promote branch growth?

  8. Hey mate I’m from Australia I’m new to the channel and growing dragon fruit just like to know what country you are from and keep up the good work and showing myself how u start from seed or cuttings.

  9. I've been using a gallon divided between 3 plants. Is that enough to have an effect or I'm just wasting it? I don't have much recharge and since it's expensive, I've been rationing it, so I can't put 4 scoops in every plant like you do

  10. I want to grow dragon fruit but I live in the UK and it's rarely over 20⁰. Anyone have any spare dragon fruit because I want to taste it and like ik this is taky but..

  11. Good to see you back, Sir Richard. Been watching your vloggs these past few weeks after I realized we have Dragon Fruit at the back of our house. Your vids helped me a lot. ❀️

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