How to Release Tense Shoulders & Ease Neck Pain ♥ Back Massage Tutorial with Neck & Scalp Work

Learn techniques for releasing shoulder & neck tension with Chandler Rose, LMT. ♥ Exclusive Massage Videos for Patrons: …


  1. I’m happy that Stella is onsite to provide early warning and protection in the event a motherGrizzly bear and her cubs wander into the work area. No one ever talks about the fact that due to Stella’s vigilance not a single one of this beautiful young ladies massage models has attacked or killed by a bear, wolf pack, or Mountain Lion. Well done Stella your truly man ( and massage patients) best friend.

  2. My lover is experiencing neck and back soreness and is getting concern supporting his legs, however when I found this particular back discomfort guide book, "Bαkοnοz Kοnο" (Google it), all of the pointed out issues are solved appropriately. According to him, he can now sleep well because the lower back pain as well as the other aches are gone. .

  3. Can you stop talking and play some music instead?
    It would’ve been really really relaxing if you just shut up

  4. I don’t understand something… this is probably my 101 video that I’ve seen and all the models are women… I want to see how you massage the body of a men.

  5. Wow I never seen the muscles twitched that much so early into the session. Goes to show she's hitting all the right areas with precision. Stella maximize the effect no doubt <3

  6. i guess i have to try this massage 2 my gf, specialLy when shes on red flag maybe i can ease the pain even just a little bit.☺

  7. Myra is hot, the dog is cute, and the therapist is well spoken and informative. But the music is a downer….. elevator music you’d hear at lobby of a low priced motel or massage parlour.

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