1. Great Video… But you need to stop recovering that nasty hot dog water, from those fake ass Dank carts….

  2. Man hopefully you ain’t still smoking on exotics or danks. lmao man please quit them, they ain’t worth it to fuck up yourself with pesticides or who knows what in them, just for a high.

  3. Hey everybody…look what is hitting the market just in time for xmas #stockingstuffers @Justgosuckit is a simple way to save your trapped oil. Reuseable n professionally placed in a durable Child-Proof (white or black) package. Check out the site and give some feedback! BTW, our kit includes a blunt tip needle (thin enough to get to the bottom of most carts) as well as a 2.25g glass syringe and a (empty) full gram replacement cart! So gather your 1/2 filled carts…. Don't throw them out…Suck it out!

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