How To Mix Organic Nutrients for Cannabis Growing using Freedom Farms Nutrients

My First Step-by-Step Tutorial on mixing your standard weekly nutrients. This was made using the Freedom Farms nutrient range, and is mixed according to their …


  1. Use the vial the tester comes with bro,also prob better to get a decent ph pen,I do agree to test after you add your mix together then use ph up or down

  2. I have a question – how often should you add nutrients – so I only add nutrients once a week. Is that enough?

  3. Awesome Video 😎. Nice to see what brand of nutrients and the mixture of nutrients per liter of water other growers use .

    I’m using GHE Tripack nutrients with a Ph level of +/- 6,5. It’s my 1st grow so any information and ninja tricks I pick up is valuable.

    I heard growers talking about using epsom salt during veg stage as a source of Nitrogen for growth and boiling banana peels in the flowering stage as a source potassium.

    Will these homemade methods + my nutrients add to my yield ? Or should I just stick strictly to my bottle nutrients ?

  4. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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