How to Make a Record Breaking Super Soil Recipe Mix for Living Soil + Top Dress Revealed

John from has special guest, Josh from the Boogie Brew Compost tea company share the record-breaking super soil recipe …


  1. You guys are a great team and have the knowledge to go with it. I just subscribed to your channel and you got a 👍🗣🔥🌱 Thank you for your time in making the videos and thank you for the knowledge that I didn't have before your video but I do now.

  2. So I’m currently using 15 different bottles of nutrients. nectar for the gods, And slf100. I love the results but I just want to grow with nature. I’m new and this is the start of my second year. I enjoyed this video and would love a copy of this recipe

  3. I just Started to use the Boggie Blue 6 pound Compost tea 2 part mix Second round My White 🍪 in my 16 ft Green house with a 8 inch Carbon filter solar windows Are off the chain big Flowers its not even June on East Coast ..Just placed 4 into 40 gallon and 50 Fabrics Its all Flower here out Good work on that Compost tea 👍 My Secret I add plat Magic instant compost tea to a 18 gallon bucket Brew overnight with the Boogie blue you would not believe the results I also add Mother Earth unsulphured molasses

  4. I never threw away soil. I planted a winter crop. I then just set cardboard over it to block the sunlight and let the worms in the soil eat the cardboard. Then just pop a new plant in. Because it is a "living" soil the plants just take off. Only need teas as the soil usually still has food in it. I buy 275 gallon totes and mix a huge batch of tea. Roughly 25 gallons of tea once a week and 40 gallons of creek water if needed. If not I just water the next week.

  5. lol you cant handle the high thc because your already a little off your rocker lol to a seasoned cannabis user even the highest concentrates are easily tolerated

  6. Can you share a video that shows the sequence of the soil products to make up the Master Mark Blend? What goes in the pot first and the next ingredient, so on. I'd love to get started growing my sweet peppers and other delicious veggies!!


  7. Wow, he died after they put this out??? Crazy man…I'm super sorry. I love the way all of you guys think man…Hydroponics sucks man and it's a killer to say the least…

  8. I find Ocean Forest is always “hot” where I live in Canada. Not sure if it is because it takes time to get the soil up here thus making it hotter. Always burning plants. Have to always use less than more.

  9. I don't get it… So ocean forest and 20% the other stuff? 20% of what? I read the list and the portions didn't really make sense to me. Could someone explain how they took it as?

  10. that fox farm is loaded with gnats. a sealed bag in the middle of winter 0 degrees. put that in a dome sealed seed germinator and gnats appear. its crap

  11. As a grower, this empty advice is embarrassing, you didn't need ten hr video just to say literally nothing. Soil almost doesn't matter, it's what in it that does. Switching soil, like he suggests, will have virtually no impact. If you're lazy and want an easy feed me strategy that doesn't need or will ever take a ten year video, just do 3 – 3 – 3 through the whole year (obviously make your soil that and then compost tea to keep balance but rarely needed if you can do your job at all). Make sure your soil drains and doesn't stay stagnant and you're good, ready to go. Baby seeds need a lot less fertilizer but giving them none seems foolish. I don't know, I don't do stupid things and expect good results, my seedlings couldn't do better if I tried. Lastly, better under fert than over fert

  12. I'm wonder about using slate stone for a good surface for microbes. It's everywhere in Maine. I've been trying to find info about it. There is nothing on the web. What you guys think?

  13. John. I've been watching you for years. I've been using alot of your techniques, and compost tea. 100% organic in Washington state. Last year I grew 13-14foot tall tomato plants with 100's of pounds of tomatoes. I'm stepping it up way more this year and can't wait to share my success with you and others. Peace my friends ☮️

  14. You guys should have a TV show, this was so entertaining. Great information too, but just all the conversation that revolved around eating the bud was really wonderful. Thanks to the both of you for your efforts.

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