How to Make a Gravity Bong: SMOKEABLES

In the first episode of Smokeables, Abdullah takes us through how to make a gravity bong. You may remember the gravity bong from high school & college …


  1. Big tip time. Instead of using tinfoil for the bowl I’ve always used a drill piece used for nuts. You cut a whole in the top of whatever bottle cap you’re using and put the drill bit in that. I’ve used gravity bongs literally every day for years. I tell everyone I know it’s the most efficient way to get high.

  2. LOL novices. Use a small socket drill a hole slightly smaller than the socket pop the socket in. Perfect green hits every time. I'm using an 11/32. I seems to be about right

  3. ok ok why use that as a bowl piece use a cap of the bottle and drill a hole for a size 5 or 4 socket fill the socket with weed pull the high llollll

    edit: get small socket for small bottles like bruh you dont need 2 liter get 20 ounce like of sprite or anything use the 2 liter for big ass bongs lol

  4. using tin foil is not a good idea because you can really effect your lungs with the aliminuim and also other toxins in the the tin foil. What I would suggest and what I do myself is taking a bong bowl even a glass one, but also almost anyother type of bowl material will work, and take a bottle cap that can screw on to the pop bottle and just use something similar to the bowl stem perferably metal heat it up and poke it through the bottle cap. ok so now you have the hole in the cap you put the stem of the bowl through, and you now have a piece that can work on gravity bongs, lung bongs, pill bottle bongs, anything you can think of. Also if you have an alimuium bowl, heat it up with a tourch and poke it through the cap, but be quick to check if any plastic gets in the bowl before it cools off.

  5. Haha can I show you how to suck a buket what we call then round my place absolute not tin foil that's the quick way for quick hit haha you need bong glass chillum or a metal socket set chillum and put some gauges in pull with out any weed burn the metal of the gauges then fill it with loads of weed or crystal and datum enjoy your hiiigh buketkingne instagram search me plus I rap 👊

  6. Add a Bread bag and make a lung. No water needed. Watched so many stoned people slurp that water up good lol

  7. Sure this isn't a bucket bong? A gravity would be a bottle with a hole in the bottom. Fill bottle, put finger on hole in bottom, slowly light the cone whilst releasing the water out. Once cone is burnt, unscrew lid and suck (usually there is still water in the bottom of bottle when you do this). Unlikely to get water in your mouth as with a bucket and you get a wicked rush.

  8. Don’t be this guy use a socket and a lighter Burn the lid of ur Bottle and push it through tin can make u brain dead I was always told

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