How To Keep Your Regrowth Soft & Manageable: Shea Moisture Lush Length Review

relaxedhaircare #healthyrelaxedhair #relaxedhaircarejourney Hi all! Struggling to keep your regrowth soft during the quarantine while you wait for a relaxer?


  1. I thank you so much for your videos. I am struggling so bad with my salon being closed keeping my new growth moisturized. I am literally going crazy. Have you ever tried Rucker Roots hair care line?

  2. I wish you would give your secrets on how your hair air drys so silky straight. When I air dry I have an afro thing going on. My ends are super super frizzy when wet. You literally have ZERO frizz. How??? I need answers.

  3. My new growth is out of control right now. My hair feels 75% natural and 25% relaxed. My last relaxer didn't take AT ALL and I feel like crying. I'm only five weeks post and I have to wait a whole month before I can relax. I'm starting to feel legit depression over my hair situation 😒. It's breaking at the demarcation line a LOT.

  4. I perspire in my profusely and daily. How best to keep my relaxed hair after a walk or exercise when it's dripping wet afterwards. Please I need your help, thanks. I need recommendations on products and routines. Also thanks to you I just relaxed my hair myself, something I've never done in my entire life.

  5. Hello! I know you work out everyday but washing your hair so much will dry your hair out, you can clearly see how thin it is toward the end.

    I learned than working out with relaxed hair is not as easy so what I do is that I avoid tying my hair at all cost or else I will experience breakage. Believe it or not I wrap my head in a scarf and work out at home. Then I shower but don’t wash my hair. (I wash it every 10 days). But to each their own I guess. I have long hair and no matter how loose I tie it it feels heavy and about to break.

  6. I am almost 18 weeks post relaxer. I had braids before the lock down (I’m in Chicago). Needless to say I have ALOT Of new growth. Do you actually comb through your new growth? I’ve been wearing my hair in a twist out for a week then was once a week and just RE twist. Only way to manage. I find I have to comb through my hair, with a wide tooth, really good to before I wash. If not. It just get VERY tangled after washing.

  7. Hi Style Dominion, thank you for the videos. They are very helpful. Do you prefer using the Shea Moisture Honey Manuka line or the Lush Length? Also how do you compare the feel of your hair with each line? Thank you

  8. Hello, will you please confirm how many weeks post relaxer you are ? I am nearly four months πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ. I live in London. I am really looking forward to the hairdressers to open. Thank you.

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