How To Increase Yields by Pruning/Defoliating in Early Flower | Cannabis Grow Tip

Smoke along with me as I go over my technique for pruning in early flower to increase yields! Also I would like to mention that pruning/defoliating is a highly …


  1. Good video…I eat the fan leaves. They're just as nutritious as any green leafy vegetable plus they have beneficial cannabinoids. The weed plant is amazing.

  2. Hey bro great video I fucked my ankle up a few years ago in a bike accident have 2 metal rods on each side of the ankle and the only thing that works are cannabis topicals or oils so I hear you on that still
    Got a massive photo period that I just put into flower after vegging for like 4 months check out the new videos next week family great info dog respect

  3. Im a defo prune myself,just uploaded a video bwfore the strip and will upload one tomorrow of the aftermath,checknit out my guy and let me know if we can exchange some tips or opinions,it should be done loading in like an hour,salud😎🙏

  4. Thanks, your simple explanation about stems connected to the stem versus the bud site has finally cleared up for me how to defoliate properly. Thanks for the video! By the way, if your videos are clear and to the point like this one, you have a new subscriber. Some of us are complete new to growing so this is a big help.

  5. As long as those bud sites have leafs u can trim all the fan leaves off but I leave some lower on so I can tell when flushing is done.

  6. So my plant is at 2 weeks into flowering and my light doesnt penetrate the plant too well so clipping any foliage not directly attached to bud sites should be fine?

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