How To Build Great Stock Watchlists in 2019 | Finding the Best Stocks

Charlie goes over How to Build the Best Stock Watchlists that automatically populate themselves throughout the trading session. He discusses different ideas for …


  1. Hey Charlie! Had no problem setting up "Daily Gainers" but when trying to set up the RSI Study Filter for "Oversold Losers" it tells me I don't have permission for Study Filters. How can I fix this? (PaperTrade account)

  2. Great video! Quick question i love the setup for volume, %change, and last but is there a way for it to start reading premarket? When im using it on Thinkorswim it only starts working at 9.30am or a couple seconds after but a lot of the stocks have already been moving. Any input would help

  3. I was wondering if you have a video on when to buy in on the 3 bar play I understand the play but should one wait until that 3rd confirmation bar is complete and buy in on the next bar?

  4. When you click create search query it gives you two options in the sub header: Apply: 1:’any of the following’ 2:’all of the following’ in which thereafter you select your customizations (ie net change, volume, etc) which one did you set? I’m guessing ‘any of the following’?

  5. Great content again Charlie! Can you or anyone else answer this for me…. I followed the setup for both watchlists and when I created the list for 'Oversold Losers' it was populated with only ticker symbols that begin with the letter A (AGN, ADP, AAP, and so on…) No B's C's D's etc. Any ideas why I am seeing only A's?

  6. I love this channel. A lot of the other “gurus” charge for this sort of thing and/or try to sell you a service. I first started trading a little over a month ago, and thanks to my naïveté back then, I now have a bunch of email lists to unsubscribe from 😕

  7. Great video! Off-topic question: How do I execute successful trades with a full time job? I can make the trade on my phone, but I won't have access to a bunch of charts and data, and won't be able to constantly monitor the market. Is it still possible to do at a high level?

  8. Thanks I found how to see the percent changes much easier now. I’m excited to learn more about investing for growth. Once I save around $1000 it’ll get interesting & hope to have a few thousand by the end of the year at least, perhaps more as I learn day trading.

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