How To Break Out Of Your Bubble, Cost Of Talking Trump & AOC | Scott Adams | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert, author of “Win Bigly”) about his new book “Loserthink” and many other topics.


  1. He has never programmed for "UNREAL Engine" has he? 🙂 …. He thinks "Things" cannot exist / appear / "think" , outside of the visible RENDER area?

  2. It's hard to forget the damage he did to this country back in the early 2000s with his bizarro world crazy leftist beliefs.

  3. He is so right about the psychological aspect of today's politics. The appearance of Trump helped me out of major depression: I absolutely needed to see if he would win, and what the consequences would be. And he still delivers…

  4. I hate when he said "smart people ". Everyone is smart in their own way. Smart people know that when you talk, you repeat yourself and when you listen, you learn something new. This guy did alot of talking

  5. Why is diversity inherently good? Also the slippery slope is real, just look at child drag queens

  6. 1. Its better if you skip both CNN and Fox
    2. Second best is watch both
    3. Worst is watching only one of them.

  7. i love him and Gilbert but im sorry calling AOC "productive and strong" and "smart" is completely laughable.

  8. Bernie and AOC are just blowhard clowns pushed forward for the very reason they're incompetent simpletons. Now why would certain unrepresented political entities want to prop up such "likeable" morons?

  9. Dave, i hit the bell when you said to. Usually can't devote the time to watch ya, but i want you to have some muscle when they come to off you.

  10. I can't stand AOC, and it seems that a lot of the people in the comments are just parroting what other commentators are saying about her incompetence or spoken stupidity, but I think Adams' point about AOC's role is about how much of a useful idiot she is to flesh out a middle-ground. But she is dangerous. She does have an enthusiastic following and we're all aware of the growing socialist, communist, activist, PC, SJW, etc. menace, especially with our kids being groomed to become these things in our public schools. AOC could become quite the lightning rod for such mindless drones (I have a fear that she's going to be the next Bernie, spending a lifetime being that politician in D.C.) and though they may not be as capable of critical thought than they are at being led by the nose with feelings, numbers count and they can overcome any obstacle if only a few decide to actively defend what freedoms we have.

  11. The current equation for global warming is basically saying the earth is getting 100% of the solar radiation.

  12. Wow. His litmus test to the intelligence of AOC is very good. I'm conservative in nature, it's just who I am, but I'm no fool to believe that burning fossil fuels won't have some sort of impact on the world in a scientific manner. I have always been a strong advocate for nuclear power, and I believe it is the way forward for our species. Furthermore, I'm pretty certain that when the collective of humanity catches up, the amount of scientists working towards the safety and re-use/re-assimilation of so-called nuclear "waste" will skyrocket. I also believe that we will find a way to either negate the affects of the "waste" to make it safe to once again handle and possibly reuse.

  13. I think what Scott was saying at the end is: Let's say we are in a simulation –
    1. The people who agree might be worth listening to because they are succeeding at the game (Adams & Musk)
    2. Those succeeding have no incentive to change the game because they are winning

  14. Can't believe Scott is OK with giving California a percentage of his book profits. He needs to move to Texas or Florida and keep the money he's earning.

  15. Yeah, I disagree with Scott's assessment of his two employers' diversity firing policies…
    There's a major difference between a company lacking "diversity" due to a discriminatory hiring practice of denying employment to qualified job seekers based on their race…
    And kicking an existing employee to the curb, just to make room for a hypothetical future job seeker, based solely on not the existing employees inability to meet the diversity requirements of the marxists at a San Francisco newspaper.
    It's discriminatory, it's unethical, it's immoral…and it's un-American.

  16. Well by Scott Adams Intelligence test there's Proof AOC is n6ot Intelligent. Because in the "Green New Deal" she wants to ban Nuclear. When it Needs to be Increased

  17. Lost a lot of respect for Scott on this one. First – we have no "right wing" media or parties rather the Overton window shifted fully to the left. Go to the middle east if you want to see "right wing". Second – AOC has made herself look like an idiot by not offering intelligent answers to questions that not only should be in the wheelhouse of a politician but she previously spouted opinions on them. When asked to elaborate she could't meaning the audition was just that, to play a role. Third – "climate change" , funny how the most complex system we know of got rebranded & marketed into a binary subject. Ie; Do you believe in climate change? Of course I do because its always changed, and always will…and I believe water is wet. Also funny is negating that the believers in AGW[warming] pin their theory on one variable, co2 and only man's contribution, making it half a variable given the majority of that gas occurs naturally. But thanks for showing up scott…

  18. Scott how can you be left of Bernie and support a lot of Trumps policies? Those two things don’t compute.

  19. I watch in this order, CNN, MSNBC, TYT, NBC, CBS, then FOX… After I research the bullshit. I even watch INFO wars, I am a sucker for gay frogs. This is why,
    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”(Sun Tzu, The Art of War)…

  20. Love Scott Adams but "Slippery Slope" is exceedingly real. Very odd conclusion for him to have come to

  21. This guy is such a flake. I wouldn't be surprised if he was fired for poor performance but it was easier to get rid of him because of his demographic checkboxes.

  22. FOX and CNN? Is that like saying you have to listen to blacks in the old South and the Klan. We should hear the Jewish side and the Nazi side. FOX may have a slant, but CNN is pure manufactured BS. There is nothing useful to be gleaned by watching. Would you recommend that people in communist countries should listen to state run TV as well to get to the truth. Most people are not capable of sensing when someone is lying to them and they will not do any research on their own.

  23. 47:00 — HOW ARE WE BETTER OFF thanks to diversity???? The people who built society got cheated out of it with the dogma of "Diversity is Go(o)d". The West got to where it was (aka not only the leading powers who created technology and human rights but also the only low crime high trust societies on the planet) with ZERO diversity.

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