1. Hey guys! This video is not to cure, but sharing my experience so some of you who might deal with the same issue can get some advice! DO you guys / know someone who deal with anxiety disorder?

  2. I don't know if I have proplem I was watching the video near the end I felt like crying and teared up (resently I've I'm not feeling very good and have a heck lot of proplems)

  3. i don't know if i have anxiety (but i sure have depression) but i have always been nervous since i was a child, i used to have eczema and until now i take sometimes herbal medicines. but it got so worse around 1 year ago. i started having stomachaches before going to school and i didn't even know why. and there was one week i couldn't even stay at school because it hurt too much and i felt like throwing up. whenever i would get a stomachache i was scared it could be that worse. and then i started going to bed very late because i had virtual friendships. i could be sleeping 3 hours for a night sometimes and then get up for school. and sometimes during these nights, i was in bad situations, like being jealous or scared, that made my stomach ache and it was horrible, it would get me nausea in the morning. and once, i was scared to miss my bus at lunch break and started panicking when i was queuing up to eat lunch with the other students at school. i started becoming more and more afraid of people. then summer breaks came and it calmed down except when situations were not pleasing me. i would even cry sometimes. and as school was approaching i started being scared of failure and i thought i couldn't make it, i was exhausted. and so the stomachaches came back. but school got worse because there were people. i wasn't at ease with them, when i was going to eat they were too close it was horrible, i felt like i could explode. and one day, during P.E. we were divide in parts and mixed with other students. i didn't know them, i was afraid to be in contact with them so i kept on isolate myself from them. inside i was feeling like i couldn't properly breathe. so i went to the toilets and broke down in tears. then holidays came and i had another one of these moment at night. this girl was telling me the story of her life, and said how our common friend came into her life when she was feeing the worse. jealousy and fear and other emotions came to me and my stomach ached and i was crying and trembling. i can't control myself, things like that make me so sick but i can't avoid them

  4. I seriously need some help. Since 2nd grade I developed anxiety to stand and speak in front of class. In every presentation or poems I had to present i would go in front of class (forced by teacher) and start breathing heavily, start shaking and sweating. And when I had to speak up my voice would crack and I immediately start crying. I am in 9nd grade now and have a presentation ahead of me next month I am again so scared of it. I always feel embarrassed in front of my class and feel nervous and anxious. Since 2nd grade I would always cry in presentations and I don’t even speak much in class. I think I have social anxiety disorder. Can someone help?😭

  5. I am going to try this CBD thing for sure. I've been struggling for years and it is getting worse everytime… I panic everytime I have to go somewhere with lots of people and specially if I need to talk to them and I don't know them. Going to work gets impossible, sleeping is terrible… Sometimes I feel like drowning.

    I'm also trying to put less pressure on myself but sometimes, as you may know, you just can't control how you feel.

  6. I had a bad panic/anxiety disorder? It was only for a few years so maybe not a disorder idk, but it was after a traumatic breakup where I felt like everything was just falling away from me and I would get panic attacks doing simple things like showering or going to grocery store. With time it got alittle better, especially whenever I was around people I loved and that loved me, Recently I havnt felt like that in the past year. I’m happy now. But what really really helped with the panic attacks and depression was exercise!! That pretty much took away my depression and anxiety and the occasional panic attacks I would get. I highly recommend self care and exercise to everyone suffering from those things! Oh and exercise helped my postpartum depression, so anyone suffering with that knows how bad it is and I would really suggest them to get out of the house and go to the gym or just a walk. Helped 100%

  7. I have been dealing with for years and I don’t want to be on my medication anymore thank you so much and what was the cbd called again?

  8. Idk how I came across this video . I don't understand what is anxiety but I have started feeling something strange is happening to me every single day out of nowhere I get stressed out my mouth suddenly dries n I starts choking coughing even if I drink water no relief I start to cry n more choking n nausiatic feelings.

  9. I'm terrified of big dogs like you are. I have a pitbull named Max and about two years ago he kinda attacked me. (Not really, he just plays aggressively) ever since that day I have been terrified of him and any other big dog

  10. i had multiple panic attacks and one of the worst is when i was at home, i was getting ready for school & i felt woozy. i sat down and then i noticed, my heart was beating FAST AND WHEN I SAY FAST, I MEAN SONIC FAST. next thing you know i couldn't breathe. i started HYSTERICALLY CRYING MY EYES OUT! i had one last night and i had an argument with my friend, i started breaking down. i called other friend mine so i could get my mind off of the argument. it didn't work, no matter what i did, it wouldn't get off my mind. i laid down, trying to fall asleep but I COULDN'T STOP TREMBLING/SHAKING. it wasn't because i was cold, it was because i was having a panic attack. i soon felt my heart racing, i couldn't breathe, i couldn't stop crying. i ended up taking a sleeping pill and thankfully i fell asleep. i remember a few months ago, i had a HUGE argument with my ex best friend and after we had that argument, the guilt was eating me alive. everytime i tried getting the problem we had off my mind, it would come back like a boomerang.

    after all that, i have questions-
    do i need to seek help?
    do i have anxiety?
    if so what type?

  11. I’ve had panic attacks since I was 10 years old and I’m 23 now and I still get them especially when I’m on planes.
    Magnesium and melatonin supplements help me sleep.

  12. Holy i have just been binge watching your videos. Keep up with the interesting contents that delve into Korea society, kpop industry, crimes and supernatural! Thanks for sharing your experiences, so thankful in Australia we have R U Ok day and so much mental health support through BeyondBlue organisation

  13. i had insomnia last year( i was 12) and it was also my end year exam period. i was also going through alot last year(preparation for exams,loss of friends,preparation for middle/secondary school). i would also suddenly breakdown in class and at home for no reason and i was scared to tell my family so i told my closest friends and they also said that theyve also been going through insomnia

  14. Great I am officially diagnosed with anxiety. I always get mini panic attacks without knowing why and feel worried about ransoms thing but I don’t know what it is.
    Ugh 😑. Now what

  15. Wow I can really feel how genuine everything Grace said in this video is, because I can relate with so much of it. She’s definitely very knowledgeable about these topics and did her research too. My stories match up with hers in many aspects.

    For me, as soon as I graduated from high school I immediately went abroad to China to learn Mandarin and chase my dreams. Unfortunately on top of classes I was working all the time to support myself but just couldn’t break even. After struggling for a while, and even going days without eating, I was forced to give up and return to the US. I tried so hard to support my life in China and failing at that was eating me alive. I was so depressed and lonely, missing my family. But as soon as I got back home to the US and took a break my depression and insomnia all went away.

    One year later I went to Tanzania for work but it was even worse off than China. I couldn’t hold a job, constantly getting fired or quitting due to maltreatment, having issues with immigration, living in motels between jobs. It was a nightmare. My depression came back but much worse than before, and with thoughts of giving up on everything. Once in the late night I was chased down by thieves. And another night I saw my close friend get dragged down the street by a passing car that grabbed her bag. Her clothes were all ripped and she was bleeding. Those instances gave me intense anxiety. Jumping whenever someone called my name, having panic attacks. I had to go back to the US again to take another break for a few months.. my depression is gone but until now I still have anxiety sometimes and remain extremely jumpy..

    Thanks for being someone to relate to Grace. To know someone I idolize has dealt with and overcome similar issues as me really helps. ♥️

  16. After hearing the news about Sulli I came back for this video to thank you for speaking about this. I hope the whole world will change for the better when it comes to understanding and treating mental health issues with our generation as many of us experience mental health issues ourselves or know someone who does. One day – when I am ready – I wish to be this brave and talk about mine to raise awareness to do my part of breaking the stigma.

  17. I had this idea I wanted to share with you. I would REALLY love it if you could hear me out and maybe make a video 🙂 so depression and mental illness is no joke. Im a kpop fan and have been for many years but my love of korean culture does not stop with just music. I love korean food and dramas and movies and variety shows as well so I'm often looking at an outside point of view of korean culture and celebrities. I was wondering if you could do a video of not just the celebrities who have taken their lives but more about the survivors left behind. and more so if they ever speak out about it or say how it has affected them. I watched masked singer and cried my eyes out when kyuhyun said he wanted to say to jong hyun "I sang your song, to the best of my abilities. Did you hear it".. I have come across small things like this very randomly online but I think one way to get the attention of the public eye on depression and mental illness is also to focus on those left behind. I know some idols (if not all) are closer to each of their group members than their families so there must be some people sharing their experiences. Or at least wanting to. Sorry so long. Btw I love your vids girl!

  18. I’ve developed PTSD, Social Anxiety Disorder and yet, people always be like

    “OH yoURE jUST PANicking”

    Sometimes people can be like

    “Don’t you wanna stay at an asylum😂?”

  19. This is the only video I needed now and it got even better when it was by my favorite Youtuber thank you so much 🤧💞

  20. I have phobia from knives and Heights 😖😫 I just hate knives I can go to a super Height place but I think I will die straight away if someone was holding a knife and pointing it at me😞

  21. Hello there! I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology so I want to clarify the differences between a psychologist and a psychiatrist (just for info, not trying to play smart or anything)
    So, let's begin with the psychiatrist. He's more on the medical side of the mental health. He'll ask you a few questions about your health overall, about your everyday life (to see if there's any sources of stress), about your symptoms. He'll prescribe you some meds and he'll want you to come back to see how the meds affect your condition. If needed, he'll change the meds or the dose.
    A psychologist will be interested not only in your symptoms, but in your life – what you do everyday, where do you work, your relationships with the others, etc. He'll help you change the way you percieve the world around you (for example if you think the world is cold and unsafe, he'll ask you why you think that way and he'll work with you toward changing that concept), he'll help you cope better with the stress, or unhealthy relationships or whatever you're dealing with. I guess you can say a psychologist is a good listener and a good teacher (or at least he tries to be).
    I hope these explanations were useful for the better understanding of the both roles 🙂
    I'm glad that Grace shared her story with us. I think that people (esp in S. Korea and some other countries where there is a stigma on mental health) should talk more about their issues

  22. I am going through anxiety nowadays and it's really difficult for me 😔 I just realized that I'm going through it, I realized my feelings n symptoms by watching these videos >.<I am scared I am just scared of everything 😫 it's very hard for me I'm having a difficult time dealing with it 😞

  23. Mental health issues are fairly common all over their world but they’re especially bad in Asia. It’s because many people living in Asia have such high standards, expectations, and rules to meet (not saying other places don’t but Asia is especially famous for this). Also in a lot of Asia, topics related to mental health is really taboo and it’s common to think anyone going through depression, anxiety, etc. is weak and needs to toughen up. I’m really proud that you feel comfortable enough to share your story with, thanks Grace!

  24. Once I got a panic attack at a party and me and my parents had leave early and my parents where disappointed in me that I got a panic attack in general

  25. i have all the symptoms of social anxiety and i know that i have it for sure. but my mom just says that im shy and when i have panic attacks on stage she always feels disappointed in me even if she doesnt say it i can tell that its written all over her face. I told her that i might have social anxiety but she says that its the same from being shy but i know for a fact that you're not just shy when my voice is literally trembling when i'm on stage that goes for my whole body. There was even this one time i got called up on stage unexpectedly and i did what the asked for but i was literally crying the whole time and everyone was looking at me and i was so embarrassed. The whole time my head was held down and i thought about it repeatedly…

    Even my friends don't believe me, yet they've experienced my social anxiety several times…

    also i don't know if this is a trauma or not but this one time ( i was really young like maybe 7?) i was playing Minecraft w/ my siblings but then a spider came out of nowhere and let me tell you it wasn't pleasant ( if you don't play mine craft or don't know what the spider looks like i dont suggest looking it up..) and ever since i've hated even the smallest insect (also i'm 12 almost 13)

  26. Is this cbd oil legit or a promo? My grandad needs something to help his pain but I don’t wanna buy something that doesn’t work

  27. It's really great that you're talking about this disease, i think we are a lot to have those disorders, but we don't feel legitimate, 'cause it's something you can't physically see.
    I have panic attacks for 13years now…. and it gave me so many phobia, I'm really scared of many things mostly going outside…. I feel better doing things alone, because I don't feel judge or scared to worried people if I have a panic attacks…..
    And I learned something with your video i didnt know it existed "somniphobia", I have this since the beginning of 2019. And same I took some medecines but I don't want to get used to it…. moreover sometimes it doesn't work , my brain is too powerful 😅 . Maybe I'll try cbd then !

  28. I have been diagnosed with severe panic/anxiety attacks which bring on intrusive thoughts and you begin to be afraid of these thoughts and the attacks get worse because you don't understand why. My aunt explained to me that when I had a panic attack and I thought of harming someone (like a family member lets say)well now my dumbass brain associates the attack being caused by that because there is nothing logical that your brain can process as to why did I get this attack? I have to have medication for my bipolar and panic attacks. The sad thing is…..I know I will NEVER feel good. I will ALWAYS HAVE suicide in the back of my head, every day. Like I do now. And I was a cutter in high school, tried suicide a few times, and recently as last year was on my way to a cemetery ( I feel at home there) and almost stopped at a store to get a box cutter and some liquid courage even though I don't drink. And was planning to find a secluded spot and go. I am happily married for almost 3 years (true some days are like you want to just scream). But I still want to die. My dad killed himself almost 7 years ago, my aunt tried to horde her pills when she was in the hospital to kill herself(nurses found the pills), my mom tried…..And I get mad at myself for not being able to do it.

    But just know that you are not alone. You all have nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us need meds to keep us ok. Just like a diabetic needs their meds to function, so do we. We do not want to hear 'Snap out of it!, 'Cheer up', 'I know how you feel', 'Get over it'….those are the worst things you could say to a person going through this. I hate it when my own mother tells me this. I know this may sound odd and will probably be unpopular, but for those who have done the final end, I admire the fact they had the balls to go through with it. Some people will think it's selfish of them to do that to us! But what about them? Isn't it also selfish to want that person around even though they suffer deeply every single day, have done the hospital stays, group therapies, single therapies, and the medications don't work anymore? I was angry at my dad at the time, but now, I get it. And I'm ok with it. And I do wish people would talk more openly about this and not feel ashamed. You are NOT weak, you are NOT a failure. Our brains are ust rewired the wrong way. 💖💖💖💖

    And thank you Grace for sharing. You have helped thousands of those who watch you that may be going through this right now. Big hugs to you.

  29. You wanna know why Korean teenagers don't get mental health care despite being the most depressed in the fucking planet? EVERYTHING WILL BE DOCUMENTED IN YOUR SCHOOL RECORDS. If a 17 year old took medicines because he started cutting himself, people would treat him as a mad man, a weak person, criticize him for being un-manly, and the list goes on. And I know some parents who would rather let their own son bleed to death.

  30. Omg your cat being killed by that dog…omg talk about traumatic!! I feel the trauma just hearing the story! Ugh!!! I am SO sorry you went through that. Poor kitty!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  31. Thank you for sharing and being real. I do have anxiety, panic attacks and try to cope with it as best as I can. Life throws curve balls. I am dealing with it the best way I can. You are young, beautiful, smart. Thank you for sharing a topic that is relevant. Big hug. I love your videos. I am glad I am a subscriber.

  32. Dog killed my cat too so any dog owner better watch ya dog because If ya dog killed my cat. I can skinned your dog alive. It's not bullshit and real story. I feel sorry for ya cat grace

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