How Do Drugs Work? Introduction to Pharmacology (guest submission)

Hi everyone, welcome back to The StudyTube Project! Today’s video is brought to you by the wonderful Beth, a second year university student. Apply to be part …


  1. I'm not a native English speaker, plus I don't really like biology so I was confused a lot but I still watched it because she is super interesting. All things considered, it's a great video!

  2. I’m a second-year pharmacy student from Hungary. Funny enough, my favourite receptors are also the Gprotein coupled receptors. 😂 It was very informative but at the same time fun to watch! Great video! Xxxx

  3. hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the video! you gotta love drugs …. but don't do them. glad we cleared that up. come over to my channel, would love to see you over there! love you all and am so happy to have been on this channel! xoxo

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