How America Is Causing Global Obesity | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

The global obesity rate is on the rise, having nearly tripled since the 1970s. Hasan examines how federal policy and corporations like Coca-Cola helped …


  1. Man…. US capitalism is like the very slow cancer…. while today communist china is kinda a fast cancer. Owww lets get hongkong, lets get south east asian land. While get some japanese land. The most recent is oww lets take "camping"
    (Wink) in Ladakh, India

  2. If you are smart enough to read ingredient lists you CAN get away from high fructose corn syrup and all the other junk. Also focus on a whole food plant based diet, and drink unsweetened tea or water instead of soda.

  3. people are fat because they are lazy and have no self control.. fast food doesnt make you fat.. only eating it multiple times a day and never getting off your fat ass.. calories from any source can make you just as fat if you stuff your face all day and never exercise

  4. Unhealthy diet does not, in and of itself, cause weight gain. Increased calorie intake does. Nobody is forcing people from other countries to shove more food down their throats. Obesity is a sign of a developed nation that has a surplus of food and enough wealth to afford more food than you need.
    It's simple thermodynamics. Calories in, calories out.

  5. Pretty happy that most of American junk food and sodas corporates were not able to come to Italy, coca cola is drank by many but not as those absurd cases pointed out in the video. I'm sorry for those countries that were bullied into it, that's shameful of USA

  6. Dump the corn syrup and asparteme laced drinks, every fat bstard you see at the supermarkets has gallons of 'diet' drinks in the basket, thats what makes people obese as it triggers the brain into thinking you're still hungry, nothing to do with the size of portions untill you're so fat you actually need to gorge yourself just to fill those stomachs which are already hanging on your knees.

  7. I feel more and more sad after watching an episode bcoz I want to help but don't know how….where does the humanity of these sharks go? And how do people end up with so much power?.

  8. So, as the us-government forces countries to follow its bidding, there is only one option left:
    Dear consumers in…everywhere.
    Avoid food from the USA at all cost.
    Avoid fast and junk food.
    Avoid any form of sugared drink.
    Buy, eat and drink local.
    Learn to cook. It is easy, fun, tastes better, and it is a whole lot healthier.
    Boycott Coca Cola and find a local cola.
    Consumers of the world unite against being fat. 😀

  9. He didn't mention the world wide spread of US fast food locations. That is a big part of the problem. He did mention too much meat, which is also part of the problem.

  10. Coke certainly contributes to the problem, but come on, there's many more things the public can eat or drink that are very caloric. I've lost thirty pounds in the last five years and everyday I have to be careful with what I eat. Temptation is everywhere.

  11. So the reason why high fructose corn syrup caused the obesity rate to shoot up is that the first step of cellular metabolism (and the main control point for the entire process) is converting glucose into fructose. However since the cell is being flooded with fructose, this step is skipped, ultimately leaving the cell with a bunch of digested food and nothing to do with it but store it away as fat.

  12. WTF? I ran on the treadmill for an hour and I’ve only ever been able to run off 650 calories, and that’s the best I can do bc of my bad hip…people consume sometimes more than 2,000 calories more than they should, you would have to exercise all day every day to offset that

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