Holiday Bath & Body Works Winter Haul Coupon Codes ❤️ Calm By Wellness Sleep CBD Oil: …


  1. Can u use the summer coupon that I haven't use yet or try to exchange it for the winter coupon?? I was thinking bout getting more frosted coconut snowball with vanilla bean noel I forgot to use the summer coupon I got from San Antonio

  2. Great video. Love your Christmas 🎄
    Ugh, I'm annoyed that they gave you the cheap $5 plugin instead of the other ones. I only buy the decorative for every season, and they are quite expensive. Some even over $20.

  3. Their plugs dont smell anymore. I quit buying them. One of the associates told me they had to start making them less effective because one started a fire in someones home and now the company has to make the plugs less powerful in case. It sucks big time. So changing the plugs will not help. I had the same issue.

  4. I love this store. I never have a bad reaction from their products, and after a couple of surgeries I became allergic to many strong scents, but never theirs. They make it so affordable and so you buy a lot of products. I love Twisted Peppermint, it also has a warm buttery note, it should get an award. Too many people wear god awful heavy scents that give me a headache or respiratory issues. You should at most only wear very light scents to work.

  5. Love the Christmas tree, and you look so pretty, the red and pink look great on you! May need to get myself a couple of seasonal candles. 😊🎄🎅🎁

  6. I used to love BBW when my favorite manager was there a couple of years ago. He was so good to me. One year when they had the candle sale (I think they were $8.50 at that time), for every candle I bought, he gave me one free. So I basically paid like $40 for 12 candles because he let me use coupons too. BBW was awesome when he was the manager. I was his favorite and all the workers knew it. 🧡🍁🧡🍂🧡

  7. Totally no hate, just geniuenly super curious, I have never heard anyone say Balsam like you do, are u from Chicago? You pronounce your A's like a lot of people i know from Chicago

  8. Love Bath and Body works hauls! I bought several things back in September for fall. Fall and winter are my favorite time to shop there. My favorites scents are marshmallow fireside and frosted cranberry. I'm waiting on the big sell somewhere around the first week in December! 💕

  9. I just got a couple room sprays and a couple candles with 10 off 30. I always get emails from them. I was trying to hold off until Black Friday but that didn’t happen! I got winter candy apple and cinnamon spiced vanilla candles and ‘‘tis the season and crushed candy cane room sprays. I def want to try the fresh basalm and now the merry mistletoe!!

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