Here's an Easy Trick to Find the Perfect Sativa Strain for You | The Hit List

You don’t have to be a cannabis connoisseur to know how a certain type of flower might affect you. In fact, a simple smell test may provide a fairly accurate …


  1. I'm in college and I am sooo interested in trying a Sativa to boost my focus because im pretty intelligent I made it into a pretty good school but I just can't keep up because I have trouble focusing so now I just have to find a way to get a hold of a good sativa cartridge so I can keep it lowkey

  2. Umm, Durban Poison, just saying. Supposedly pure sativa, not so much paranoia either, somehow (not sure what's up with that but hey)… check it out

  3. I'm lazy and eat a lot by nature. That's why I prefer Sativas to indicas. I honestly think it's attributed to my huge recent weight loss! So I can honestly say Sativa Strains saved my life.

  4. There is no fucking difference in the terpins from sativa to indica…a study from 2011 already made clear that our indica/sativa categorizing is scientificly bullshit

  5. The thing that bothers me most about “budtenders” is they think they know everything about weed. I’ve been smoking longer than most of them have been alive.

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