1. Looking good but I'm just wondering with you harvesting the top half of the plants and letting the lower branches continue do you make a note of the weights and then add em up to see what total yield is or do you not care about that, much love Growmie 🌱💚👍👊🔥

  2. One Hell of Season!!! @ You did an Awesome Job! I'll definitely be watching for your next Run! Thanks again for all your Tips and Tricks! Take care and Much Props! Much Love! Congrats and Enjoy Broski!💯🌲💚🎆🎉🍻💪✊👍✌

  3. was up my brother! how are you! i have one ww x bb x chem seedling. the og x bb x ww didnt make it. im gonna pop more of your strains sson brother i really appreciate you hookin it up g! these flavors u are breeding are right up mine and my peeps alley. i just had so much other shit in the garden already i cant pop anything new just yet. even tho i want to… Green dream? blue dream x crack? nice.. i like golf balls too. my bubba and master were ALL golfballs.. well some baseballs too(they were under gavita pros) . cheers bro!!

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