Half Pound Cannabis Harvest in 2'x4' Grow Tent

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  1. I got a pound off my 2×4 I ran 1 1200 watt led from phlizon and 1 900 watt led from phlizon I ran a whitewidowxgorilla glue and 2 gator breaths from jungle boys I topped and lined the shit out of them tho short but bushy asf got 471 grams dry weight of some frost and ran advanced nutrients in a dwc system

  2. Hey @biggest little grower, much love from a fellow cannabis lover. I'm actually just starting a channel as well as a new grow and set-up. Id love for you to come stop by and check it out. I'll be keeping myself updated on your channel. Much love and respect from Canada.

  3. Is there any big difference between the size of jar you use for curing? Like, could I use a smaller or bigger one as long as I left enough air at the top and it moves around when I shake it? I'd assume not, but just curious, thank you to anyone who gives their input on this. Happy growing!

  4. Nectar for the Gods is a better line and you should definitely try it in your next run..

    Thick, dense, and heavy colas with this Calcium based line..

    I run it in a drain-to-waste setup in NFTG coco with great success..

  5. You can fix that stretch by lowering your lights within the first stages of veg. Especially with the qb's at max power, you can get them extremely close without issue.

  6. really smart move to weigh it before it was cured at least for a bit more .
    you can tell by the way you're struggling to take the buds out ; that the'yre not dry enough .
    more water need to evaporate- less weight .
    id say maybe 200 grams total

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