1. Props to u for doing what you enjoy, life is to short, go for it. Looking good i bet your having a blast, go to ur garden and let your stress melt away. Cheers from one grower to another. Peace and may God bless you with a great harvest my friend.

  2. Question: If you put plants next to a natural stream/river and planted so about a foot under the ground their is natural water. Could you leave it there without watering it?

  3. Looks very nice, id recommend you to remove few of those bottom budds, how long is the flowering cycle? If its about 75 days since u switched it, and if ur on 55th day….u still got"35 days" to go..u still got time to remove them, u wont get anything from them..looks beautiful my friend, keep growing your medicine.

  4. En primer lugar, no sé cómo te saldrás con una música como esa sin obtener derechos de autor reclamados. y segundo, con esas melodías realmente geniales. Estaba escuchando la música más que el video. California soñando, clásico . all the best my spanish bandit . lol

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