Guerilla Grow – How to secure your plants from cold temperatures 🌱❄️

Follow me on Instagram for more content : For this vid I unfortunately forgot to charge my gimbal so it’s a bit shaky.


  1. I put mine out tonight just as it was going dark, Ive prepped the site for a couple of weeks now so it wasnt a problem, but until the undergrowth gets a bit taller I have to be very carefull, I plant the second site tomorrow evening and then just pray this weather holds up all summer Lol as if. Mine are quite a bit bigger than yours at plantin out, just ive lost small ones before to god know what, slugs probably so I let them get to about 12" tall, I figured the slug couldnt eat that much lol.

    thats a nice site as well mate, happy growing fella.

  2. Sure looks like an illegal grow buddy because per all rules and regulations those plants should be in on your property behind a fence under lock and key with your medical grow authorization or commercial license. So yes this is 100 percent Illegal grow

  3. good video bro, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿If you use a plastic bag poke holes in them!! Otherwise the sun will cook them completely

  4. the frost we had at the start of the week wasnt as hard in my part of the country as it was up north luckily! was getting worried as ive never planbted out plants so small but all seems ok thank god

  5. You put them in the ground a bit small…didn't you…if one snail gets through that chicken wire.. which it easily could given the size of the holes ..they would eat the whole plant no problem. I would have put the plant when it was a bit more robust when it was about a foot tall. Just my tupace worth…good luck bro

  6. Ich will auch etwas guerilla anbauen aber ohne das erstmal zuhause innen drin wachsen lassen würde das gehen?

  7. Nice bro I was just thinking about making some covers to go the cages just in case any really bad weather shows up

  8. Looking sick mate. I put some 2l bottles over mine and wrapped a little frost blanket around that on the soil. Plenty of sunlight still, but keep the ground a bit warmer! Good season bro 💚

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