Growing Organic Autoflowers Day 31 || Dr. Earth Calcium Drop?

I hope everyone is doing well. Its day 31 for the 4 Autoflowers & day 21 for the Cookies Auto. Not much going on with them other than a small


  1. Looking great man, I'm using Dr earth as well and i noticed that I'm not getting quite the same yield or as strong a smell from the end result compared to when I used a synthetic nutrients, do you use any other additional amendments to get the stronger smelling more resin and dense buds?

  2. I use dr earth myself. Just the 444 week 1-4 and 394 5-8e. I use liquid calmag once a week and finish with sweet candy 0.17.23. Flush 2 weeks. How often are u feeding

  3. you use soil acidfier to lower the ph of the soil .do you? Because ph ur water really doesn’t matter because it won’t change the ph inside the soil the microbes control that

  4. roots organics make a bag of bad ass dry nutes called Elementalz and it will handle any and all cal/mag you would need in a few scoops.

  5. I have 5 plants In promix with the new 4.7 cal bags of dr.earths vegetable fertilizer. I did not cut it with the all purpose. Plants are on day 36 and show no cal deficiency. Also I'm not sure if your really suppose to mainline auto's I've never seen it done.

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