Growing Hemp Temperature & Humidity

A quick guide covering the temperature and humidity range for growing cannabis. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Creating …


  1. You do not know what Hemp is obviously.
    Hemp is one of the four species within the genus of cannabis.
    1)Cannabis Indica ; originates from Afghanistan has large rounder leafs and a shorter 3-6 ft plant
    2)Cannabis Sativa ; originates near the equator, has thin leaf blades and more of them to contrast the sun's extreme heat and can reach heights of 20 + feet
    3)Cannabis Ruderails ; originates in Russia where the light pattern is similar to that of Alaska where you have odd light conditions. This plant always has flowers from birth and is how Autoflowers are created.
    4)Cannabis Hemp ; is the only species in the genus without THC, only used in textiles such as oil paint canvas etc.
    cannabis hemp is the strongest natural fiber on the planet that's why the military uses it.
    *** Now you were saying?????***

  2. Gosh.. I wish I knew all these facts earlier. Now I have to go and tell my plants to quit doing the impossible. You see, I live near Death Valley.. 100 plus degrees in the summer with single digit humidity, yet my in ground, spring water fed, full blast sun plants do really well. Weird?

  3. Good video. thanx
    I've got a question tho…
    So the ideal RH for flower is 45-55. Let's say my dehumidifier is not working, let's say I don't have one. The RH is in the high 60s sometimes. What will happen?
    -Will it just leave me more susceptible to mildew, bud rot and other fungal pathogens?
    -Will it yield less ?
    -Or will the levels is cannabinoids and terpenes be lower?
    If it's just the first than I'll risk it. If it's second – so be it. What I don't want use the third option.

  4. Good vid but was painful watching the watering with a hose at the end, dumping a litre of water onto a tiny plant all at once…soil compression, drowning roots etc Nozzle man, nozzle!

  5. Hello, Can cannabis plants withstand temperatures from 40 to 46 degrees Celsius? Of course, I will put a light blanket to reduce the temperature of the sun, thank you

  6. You have great videos, Question , could i spray aspirin and water to boost it's immune system like putting it's defenses up against diseases. I spray aspirin and water on my tomato plants to trick it, to defend itself .

  7. Very good overview! It's important to understand WHY plants grow best in a certain environment, rather than just try to follow a recipe of what should be perfect for them. Grasping the concepts helps one adjust wisely to poor conditions. Case in point: all the time we see people with plants wilting in the heat just pour more water into the containers or beds, and that can actually do more harm than good. It's smarter & more effective to give the plants shade and cool them off overall so they can better utilize water and nutrients.

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