Grow Light Manufacturing: Gavita & Sun System by Hawthorne Gardening, How it Works E1

FULL EPISODE – How it Works Episode 1 Filmed in Vancouver Washington at the HQ of Hawthorne Gardening Company Hawthorne is the manufacturer of …


  1. Amazing. I use products from every brand except gavitas. Lol. Had no clue it was a monopoly. Respect to made in usa.

  2. People don't think interference is a big deal; but I can tell you a story about some guy (me lmao) with a 1996 Sanyo 1500W microwave that would take down all wifi routers and cell phone reception in a near 400' radius within an apartment complex whenever he made a burrito.

  3. Monsanto and Miracle-Gro have a business partnership. Hawthorne is a front for Miracle-Gro and has already purchased three of the largest cannabis producers in the business, Botanicare, Gavita, and General Hydroponics. …

  4. The only thing I can say is HOLY SHIT! That is amazing. I had planned to purchase a Gavita led but now I think I will get the led, upgrade my filter and get me a tray for the very near future. Didnt know they are a US company. That is a impressive facility. I would pay to tour that place. Thanks for the videos

  5. That's fantastic that these lights are made in America. It would be nice if the manufacturing and test equipment were made in America. I guess you can't have everything.

  6. Great video thank you for sharing. I'm a black belt in 6 Sigma and a lean engineer and it's good to see companies that practiss those Disciplines thank you.

  7. This is awesome i love these videos because you guys get information that normally we wouldn't see in the public's eye. Great work. Can't wait for the next vid.

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