1. Easy mate start of with biobiz light mix for young plants then use all mix just before bloom and I recommend using biobizz root simulator nutrients bigger the roots bigger the plants make sure leave water out over night for 24 hours then water the plants next day

  2. I’m pretty sure they are not healthy plants. Pretty sure they are dying due to the sound of your monotonous voice. Hope the slugs get them – If not your voice certainly will…

  3. If its a bug repellent your after, try to go organic, most people use been oil, but I'm using a garlic pesticide i made myself and it works just fine for me, as for slugs , just get some slug pellets, clear a ring of grass around the pots and put a ring of pellet all the way round that should do the trick.

  4. Use some cheap lager in a tub the slugs will drink it till they die 🍻😂🤣😂,gotta think if they not growing on top and theres no problems the roots will be growing

  5. Little bit of stress mate how's you water ph sometimes that causes the yellowing

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