Getting Stoned with Seniors in Seattle

Senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic of marijuana users in the country, and they’re finding more ways to use it than ever before. For a look at the …


  1. The good Lord gave us cannabis for our afflictions.
    We don't have to ferment it we don't have to cure it we don't have to distill it. Just use it the way God intended it. Alcohol kills hundred of thousands each year in terrible ways. Tobacco the same or more.
    Narcotics in all it's forms gets millions..
    The misery caused by these drugs is incredible.
    Cannabis makes you happy,, horny,, hungry
    and sleepy. Terrible isn't it???
    A great disservice has been done to us all thanks to our Governments.. The truth can't be hidden forever,,
    The truth almost alway comes out.
    Now is the time for truth,, Cannabis in most cases is effective and in a lot of cases Miraculous…

  2. I’m so happy for these seniors. This is helping them. Helping them cope with getting older. And makes them happier. This is a great story. Love it!! You girls enjoy yourself.

  3. Ahaha, my mom is one of these ladies. I was so proud taking her to the MMJ clinic. She's like a different person a year later. Happier and more energized. On Christmas, my aunt was ribbing me like "What did you all do to bring my sister back to life?" and I told her she got her green card and she just laughed. Everybody thought it was great. Worth mentioning, we're a pretty conservative family. 10 years before, me and my uncle billy were the black sheep for doing things like smoking weed and eating shrooms. Now I get open questions about weed and how everything works, and they actually just sit there and listen to me talk lol.

    She started vaping cartridges, which she liked a lot, as she has all kinds of problems with arthritis, one replaced knee and another on the way. Something to pick up in the middle of the night for all of those compounded sleep problems from all of her shit, helps. Not to mention issues going back to post-menopausal depression YEARS before… and years of being improperly medicated with bad mixes of nerve pain drugs, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants. Good indica at night was the key to all of it. She just leveled out, and now she spends most of her time completely immersed in the things she wants to do.

    After a while those 80% THC general extracts weren't cutting it anymore. So one day she came to me asked if there was a way for her to use flower. She had already gotten moving on getting it, so I got her a vaporizer and she wasn't feeling it. She now happily smokes bomb-ass indica out of her chillums and spoons. Doin it workin stoner style with the one eyes. As far as she knows it is helping her and it feels good.

    Never thought I would be at this point with my family, man. It's really crazy to think back 12 or so years to when me smoking weed was a huge issue and cause for a lot of drama and arguments. And it's funny, back then I was betting on these days coming… people would laugh at me for that, saying "They want to put you in jail for this – for a long time." Now that time is here and the cultural shift is still mind blowing to me. I never thought I'd see it in my own family. It's like a canary for the state of things, to me. For them to take to it, well that's a big change. I'll be going to smoke and start having flashbacks to the darker days and have to remind myself it's not like that anymore. Acceptance of it here is insanely high… you would think everyone in town was in favor. Interestingly enough, also a big retiree spot. My buddy operates a headshop that mostly serves 55+, where they come for pieces, vapes, and sometimes kratom.

    It's just funny to see from the inside out… going from some culturally bankrupt, pot-smoking fool to the guy who was ahead of the curb. And people act like noooobody was ever stigmatized for smoking weed before lmao.

    Truth be told, I'm betting your average American never cared much either way about pot. There's no way anybody out there didn't have a single friend, relative, boss, whatever, that smoked weed. It's really hard to keep people away from something so embedded in mankind itself… 2000 years before the coming of Christ, we were already onto it. Growing it and using for all sorts of things. You kinda can't just legislate it away.

  4. This lady said she felt uncomfortable smoking with the lady that could be her grandma. My favorite smoking buddy is a 74 year old hippie lady whose son is into genetics and he came out with nine pound hammer. My grandma smoking buddy is the best smoking buddy around she's had many years of experience in her hippie days. I would love to see her retirement home do this. I live in Seattle as well. I wonder whoever made this video if you'd be open to doing another video like this but with a different retirement home. Stay lifted.

  5. I really think that the people in the Senate are ignorant! Look at a the positive effects of cannabis…. it's so far off from being Schedule 1 its pathetic! Legalize Marijuana across America!

  6. Because of legislation for the Pharmacy Industry, many, especially the elderly are forced to seek alternatives that are cheaper and more effective. Every time you go to the Doctor with a problem, he gives you a pill. You come back because of side effect's from the previous medicine and he gives you another one to counter the side effect's! Some of my own relatives have to claim a small suitcase with Pill's when they board a flight anywhere. The cycle ends with your premature death of what are simply stated as "Natural Causes?"

  7. The other week I smoked a spliff and it messed with my head don't get sick of weed but I get sick when I vape or smoke with nicotine I got really lightheaded could walk straight lost my vision and fell backward without even noticing I also just heard beeping in my ear like a dog whistle then I don't even remember this but I collapsed to the floor and instantly fell asleep my friends were their and they said I was snoring I was also dreaming I woke up a couple of seconds later and it felt like 30mins and when I got up I was so confused and just said YOOO WTF JUST HAPPENED I was fine then

  8. Some high stories I had

    The first time I properly got high was when I was 18. I smoked a lot before then just a few hits but never really felt stoned just buzzed but when I smoked a full joint in an abandoned house after a couple of mins or so my legs felt like jelly and I just stared singing and laughing and I felt like I was surfing the waves then I realised that I was singing and I was like wtfwhy did I do that how loud was that then I got really paronoid and taught people heard me singing outside the abandoned house and I heard an engine of a car constantly running I think I was imagining it but I stayed in the house for like an hour and trying to look out the windows to see if I could see any cars I also taught the guards were there or that they were going to show up it was dark outside the entire time and there were no cars just passing cars but I eventually made it out and got home

  9. I live in Russia and… more than a 30% of all prisoners are imprisoned for marijuana spreading. It is ridiculous. Those old corrupted bureaucrat's on cocain, that have big mansions with hookers in Russia and in everey other country, are telling us that marijuana is dangerous plant that provide DEATHS FROME OVERDOSE. I am not lying. Many of our citizens over 40 yrs old sured that marijana is killng, and that is why it is illegal. WTF. (I just started learning English, sorry)

  10. Omg, I used to work with Connie Shick almost 2o years ago. I remember how beautiful and fiesty she was and how much her husband adored her. I'm even happier to see that she embraces the cannabis lifestyle lol. Go Connie, God Bless You!

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