First time upgrading suspension? Start here.

After receiving his new suspension upgrade, Jake talks with Jordi to walk through the initial installation and setup of his new Fox 38 and Float X2. INSTAGRAM: …


  1. from a dino chart I have seen on the new 38 , the high speed compresion dial doesnt do much .. It has like 25% adjustment against the old grop2 damper.

  2. Can you do a set up for xc bikes now that xc is becoming a little gnarlier and full suspension is almost the norm? It would be interesting to see through Jordi's experience with the WC XC athletes how a suspension setting leaning more towards pedaling efficiency is like

  3. That was a great episode. Those 38’s look amazing. I’m going to get a pair for my eeb. Everyone needs a Jordi in there life 😂. I can imagine the advice is sagely no matter what the subject 😆

  4. This video was definitely helpful as I am looking to build a new enduro bike. Jordi is incredible. Everytime I see a video of his, I try to soak up everything I can

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