FIRE!!! Burning 2019 problems

Its slow going after planting is done for the crew. Chet checks the oil levels on equipment used often over the spring work season. while checking the CAT tractor …


  1. I agree with the adrenaline comment… speaking of Jacks I was in a accident a couple weeks ago where the jack on a round baler failed and the tongue fell onto my foot and almost amputated my toes… I may be losing my big toe and the one next to it… broke everything except my pinky toe.. multiple dislocations and fractures even shattered one toe… it's been pretty terrible

  2. I’ve been watching you guys for about 2 months now. I subbed with notifications on when I started watching yall. You guys are awesome and its really nice to be able to watch yall and see what yall do!
    Are yall religious? Just curious

  3. Im a 6th gen farmer in Southern mn i just got layed off from my full-time job at johndeere and i want to farm full time, issue is our farm isnt big enough to do it full time. Id love to go work on another farm in a different region but i have no idea how to do it any suggestions?

  4. Après l’adrénaline des semis, la fatigue accumulée,pas facile de se remotiver, un peu d'entretien c'est cool, les vérins de capots toujours toujours une galère et ça peut faire mal …😉

    Déléguer faire confiance n’empêche pas les contrôles comme vous faites avec les niveaux d'huile👍👌

  5. I still have my great grandfathers old oil can, where you have to keep pressing the bottom to push oil out. Pop, pop, pop, pop… but just for small things like oiling the chainsaw blades … etc…And another where you have to keep squeezing the handle.

  6. Hoods come down on us all the time at the auto auction I just take the windshield wiper and jamming underneath the hood and that usually keeps it open it doesn't help the windshield wiper any but it does keep the hood open

  7. Had the same problem on our 765c with the hood cylinders. Put new ones on – still does it. Now we just use a piece of pipe propped up against the rock box, which works pretty well.

  8. Chet, very, very good video. 44,143/61,800 views to subs ( nearly 75% ) within less than 24 hours of posting is an unheard-of ratio and shows tremendous loyalty from subs. You do good work. You should start to get serious offers from sponsors.

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