Exposing The Cost Of Putting Safety First & Expensive College | Mike Rowe | LIFESTYLE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Mike Rowe (star of “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do It,”) about risk assessment and the effects of the lockdowns.


  1. Great "show" but you both spoke your mind. This is why TV will fail completely.
    Youtube will fall too if people stop seeing this kind of honest talk.

  2. I'm in the stage of anger I'm so tired of for 1 being lied to 2 being told I'm am no longer responsible for my own and that the government is. And three watching everyone gleefully let the government take responsibility for their own safety and lives.

  3. Great show Dave. New listener. Native Southern Californian. Miss growing up there. Now it’s just not feasible to live there. I like my space. San Diego was small then and Temecula was a small ranching town, straight from a Norman Rockwell even up thorough the late 80s. Now it’s one giant city from the border on up the coast almost nonstop. It was something I grieves for awhile. A lot of Natice are now gone and the ones left have a daily challenge, but for what? More money, better job? I’m happy visiting.

  4. Suicides are at an all time high, that seems to go with the essential/ nonessential conversation. It does make me wonder if it was their plan from the beginning, if so it seems to be working.

  5. Safe first mean losing liberty and freedom…
    The mass moron havent figured that out yet and these moron lable us as conspiracy theorist tin foilhat.

  6. I really respect Mike Rowe. Please don't turn out to be some kind of perverted,murdering,asshole like so many of the icons of my generation.


  7. Okay, now I have to get Mom's book to read. When I was a young mother, I read everything Erma Bombeck wrote. It was relevant to my life at the time and so, so funny and refreshing. Now that I am older (not 82, but pushing 70 really hard), I am ready to laugh again with someone who has a different, but same, perspective on the years and memories of family. I watch just about everything Mike does, have loved him for years.

  8. You know, in so called "higher education" everyone already knows that you learn yourself. You basically regurgitate information as quickly as you forget it in the University, and it is an exercise of intelligence kind of like taking the test to be a mail man is an exercise in intelligence. But what ever it is that you learn, and you have to learn in your field, you learn it after the class, on your own in books that you buy with your own money, and by thinking about it on your own. Everyone knows this. Good teachers teach their students how to question, how to go about learning… and you always understand the topic and the concept later, studying on your own. So the degree is basically a badge of your ability to stick with something and complete it. Anyone can be an expert in any subject, it's just that before you were in the library or the book store, and now you can do it at home online.

  9. His show was one of my favorites because I have done some of those jobs you survive, wondering when cancer or something else may show up. Kids now days think you are just making up stories when you tell them the crazy job you had. Mike's show proves these jobs exist.

  10. What they’ve essentially told people is you could disappear tomorrow and no one would notice. Now go and stay alive in your apartment alone. Cuz nothing is more important than being alive and not needed. Pretty sure that’s usually what leads to one ending their lives. Being alive but feeling completely unnecessary and your presence not mattering. Now it’s being drilled into people’s heads everyday. Don’t be selfish, by you going out unnecessarily will put the essential people at risk. Done be selfish go sit alone and watch Netflix. This is beyond insulting our intelligence it’s degrading the human spirit.

  11. This report with Mike Rowe was really great! I had no idea Dave was gay, it does not show in his mannerisms. Not that it matters to me but I find his demeanor unusual for a gay man. I'm by no means an authority on the subject just an observer..Anyway, again this was excellent…

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