1. Che strano vederti parlare in inglese dopo aver visto come primo video sul tuo canale un video in italiano😅 Ho per un attimo avuto l'impressione che fossi un'altra persona.
    E comunque complimenti per il video sull'Italia. Sono completamente d'accordo. Lo apprezzo particolarmente perché anche io sono stato per un certo tempo "prigioniero" di questa opinione, che l'Italia è brutta, non funziona mai niente, ma grazie ad alcuni fattori, tra cui anche il tuo video, mi sono ricreduto😉 Quasi quasi mi sento anche in colpa per aver pensato così.

  2. I loved "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" when I watched it for the first time in 2012 round about the time B.o.B's "Strange Clouds" album dropped (I associate the 2 together for some weird reason lol, I could imagine B.o.B's song "So Good" being the soundtrack for the movie cause it just has that day out vibe if that make's any sense at all lol) I still need to watch "The Breakfast Club" though

  3. I Appreciate the effort you went through for either just making this video (or maybe you just got back from a date but it is quarantine so.. Who know's lol) But I love the way your hair is how it's straight on the side's and the front of your fringe is flipped back it look's really nice and the black neck thingy (lol I don't know what it's called) I think it goes with what you're wearing and I love your earring's they look great on you (Sorry to sound like I'm hitting on you I just appreciate the effort and the movie reviews of course lol)

  4. Debbie.. Firstly glad to hear from you. Hope things are fine there and improving. Nice video. That was like an hour long video like short stories covered 🙂 Did you record this at one go?

    Just incase if you have not watch these movies..do check:

    Shimmer Lake (Netflix)
    The Bone Collector
    Nocturnal Animals
    Benji (Netflix)

  5. Ciao Debbie. Tra le varie cose che ho guardato lo scorso mese c'è stato Strade Perdute (Lost Highway) che, come molte altre opere di Lynch, mi ha lasciato tra l'affascinato e lo sconfortato. Non sono sicuro di aver "capito" pienamente il film – com'è giusto che sia- per cui volevo chiederti se fosse nelle tue possibilità fare un video a riguardo come quello che hai fatto con Mulholland Drive. In genere non mi piace fare richieste agli youtuber (so quanto lavoro richiede un singolo video), però mi piacerebbe conoscere il tuo punto di vista!

  6. I have a movie suggestion that I'm sure you will enjoy. The great movie "The Departed" was a remake of a 2002 Hong Kong film called "Infernal Affairs". I personally found "Infernal Affairs" cinematography, editing and acting top notch! No wonder it inspired Martin Scorsese for his masterpiece.

  7. When I watched Misery for the first time I was probably a little too young for that type of film so it haunted my dreams for a bit. Despite that it is in my favorite movies list.

  8. Great Video Debbie! To watch it all in one breath! (I don't know if it's written like that…my "ita-nglish" is predominant in my mind😅) . from you large list I saw "Sorry I bother you" in that movie I watched a sane a dystopian satire!!! I noticed a mix between racism, class, and eccentricity. These elements are weird enough to make it pretty hilarious anyway! Other film form you list….well, we can spend two words concerning "Breafast club", directly form 80's that movie hace a super actors , however , it is important to say, we can notica how Mr. Huges (main character) get on the other characters' nerves, and on the watchers', too, buy the plot and have been Top!!!!!
    And last word is dedicated to Pif, he this drama story with simplicity and ingenuity… incredible man really!
    Thanks again Debbie , was the pleasure to watch your video, and (finally), quarantine is over and…see you around!!!

  9. grazie dei consigli debbie…ho potuto capire perfettamente il video.Il mio inglese pero´ non mi permette di guardare i film in inglese.Da giorni sto vedendo su inernet spezzoni di jimmy kimmel show e gia´ qualcosa la riesco a capire.Cosa mi consigli per migliorare l´inglese? Vivo e lavoro in Germania ma oltre al tedesco vorrei migliorare il mio inglese. Ciao

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