Easy Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) In 2020

In this video I used CBD Flower purchased from Tryplainjane.com to make Rick Simpson Oil. 😉 It has been my personal mission to cut back on smoking, so I …


  1. It's always good to see how other people make the oil.
    Not sure about keeping the alcohol & weed for an hour. I'm pretty sure you only should allow it to see for around 5 odd minutes.
    Check my video on my channel, i kept in for 5 minutes and it came out right.

  2. Should have made the vid 2 seconds less lol na joke brilliant video probably the best and most informative to make this way, been watching a few as want to give ago. Ive seen the butane method also.

    Is this basically the same ?

    How much end product weight do you get of an oz?

    Thanks for the video

  3. "the darker it is the higher the potency is"? thats not true. quite the opposite actually. the dark colour you see in RSO oil is chlorophyll from the plant matter. this is the same with all concentrates. good video though. keen to see more

  4. next time, add a bottle cap full of distilled water when there is a little alcohol left, this is because water has a higher boiling point than alcohol, thus making sure all the alcohol is out.

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