Hey loves! Here is my updated am and pm routine, simplified and hydrating. I talk through what I am doing differently and why. I also have listed below the …


  1. I'm re-listening to much of your content right now, Elle, as I've zapped my mug with AHA, BHA, 0.1% retinol, C-15 – in general, a real "skin masochist's" nightmare! My face looks like a road map. Anxious to implement your advice and some of the products you've mentioned here to turn things around… I have ceramides, omega-6 and niacinamide in my cabinet; I'll rely on them for a while 😘

  2. I love this video and your channel (been watching for years) however, you mention so many products, which I know means that you can’t go into all of the ingredients in all of the products. With that said, what is your opinion on essential oils in the products you mention? The YouTuber skincare specialist Hyram (just discovered him) disagrees with their use in products and says they are irritating and can even be toxic. I know you do your research and can help me do my due diligence. Do you agree with his stance on oils?

  3. There are preservatives/chemicals everywhere today. They are in our clothing, furniture, carpeting, cars, water, the plastic containers all of our products come in are leaching chemicals into the products – hell, they have spliced pesticide into the genetic makeup of our fruits and vegatables. You cannot avoid it. That being said, they can have my RetinA when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

  4. When do you use that Flora Bast CBD oil, I use it morning and evening but don’t know if I’m using it correctly. Mornings it’s my first step after washing my face then I wait 2 minutes then use my serums and moisturizer and sunscreen. Evenings it’s the last step. 😊

  5. Elle, I love all the information in your videos! I want to work Josie Karen's Argan Milk into my routine but I'm unsure when to use it. After cleansing, after serums, before moisturizer, AM, PM, both? I'd love to see a video of rules for TATCHA. It's wonderful, but pricey for me. Thanks!

  6. Hi Elle, what are your thoughts on gel/jelly consistency primers on normal to dry skin? I loved the antioxidant j.one jelly pack primer results but want to make sure it's not doing more harm than good

  7. Absolutely love your videos. So glad I found you. I actually just found your channel today and already watched so many videos. I have a question have you ever used Shanni Darden retinol creams? If you did what is your opinion and experience on them . Thank you kindly

  8. Good Morning Beautiful ☀️ I have been trying to update my skincare routine and I am still figuring out what works for my 59 year old skin! I trust you from the bottom of my soul, Elle, sometimes we ALL need to remember that! Sometimes the KISS 💋 rule applies—at least for me: “Keep it Simple Stupid” …that is finding ‘my jam’ and not WORRYING about aging so much! The less I ‘fuss’ about my skin—the better it looks! I guess that has always been the case for me!! I love ya to pieces and appreciate ALL YOU DO! 😘💋 Kimmy from Michigan #msurocks 💚

  9. Awesome video, yes very helpful and educational on many levels for me. Thank you..your beautiful complexion is your billboard to trust your recommendations, to at least give some products a try, even though we all have different skin..its a point into the right direction to help me to design a better skincare routine. Thanks.

  10. Please elle do a full cbd video updates and if you could review or mention ole henriksen retin alternative I want your opinion on goodnight glow cream and how to use them I know you have done some touching on the subjects I would be over the moon for it thank you! Love your info videos ♡♡ much love

  11. I love how we spend 100's of $$ on skincare we love, but there are always new products we just can't help ourselves to try out. There's nothing like a new product that just knocks your socks off !! Ive been a skin care junkie for a long time. Our skin is constantly changing due to life in general and climate, and it's so important to just listen to what your skin is telling you and treat it accordingly. Everything you say is right about getting the right ingredients, instead of concentrating on the brand's. You need to build an arsenal of products so when your skin freaks out you can say " i've got something for that". As someone who is all of a sudden dealing with rosacea all my acids and high concentrated vit c products ive loved for years are now a no go. So i've had to do hours of research into how to exfoliate without them and what I should be using. But it's a labor of love you can't give up you just have to adapt. 🙂 xoxo thanks for constantly teaching us new things so we can all have good skin days ♥️♥️. Edit. Have you tried Le Mieux Retinol Serum ?? Based on ingredients can you compare with osmosis stage 3 and recommend 1 or the other for me please?? Thanks 🙂

  12. Very informative video Elle, thanks. I have a question – a milky cleanser doesn’t clear out my nose pores, I need to do that every time I wash my face, I use a bicarb powder type product just on my nose. Is there a milky cleanser that will clean my nose? x

  13. Hey there, thanks for sharing …. wanted to know if you are still using retin A or are you using Retinol once weekly now instead…..greetings from Germany……enjoy your channel very much….take care 🙂

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