Easiest 4-Plant Stirponic RDWC with Reservoir and Water Level Indicator built from scratch!!



  1. Hi Gary, I'm just trying to figure out this system on my DIY Colombian version. I just got 2" bulkheads from your website. I was wondering if a round buckets will works or if better get square shape ones, like ones you use on the other RDWC system.

  2. Hey mate. You have the best and most informative videos for DWC that I can find. No BS, straight up and simple. I live in a very remote area of Australia and your videos have assisted me to no end. Thankyou 🙏👍😊

  3. We were very interested in getting the this setup, but there's nothing on the website. "There are no products listed under this category" Is there any other website where we can find it? I did notice that the website seems to be new?

  4. I go to your website and when i click on shop it just says no products available at this time? I would like to buy one of these units but u have nothing on your website to buy. Can you help me out please…..thank you

  5. Build it! Hey the reverse psychology telling them to buy online is stupid. And you seem pretty smart. I would bury this video or edit that comment out. Otherwise you guys rock. I was willing to chat you guys up until you told me to buy online. You want jeff bezos to deball you?

  6. Seem like a nice guy but your asking for root rot and dead plants running low oxygen not having w resivor to top feed and keep water level at the same hieght also you dont include screens? Even if you do the tubes are way to small sorry that system is trash i guess for really small plants flipped like 1 or 2 weeks in tops it may work but without a chiller or bennies root rot will happen then he will sell you bottles to fix it snd the cycle continues

  7. to stop water coming down to you =air pump you go to the pet shop and ask for one way air valves my air pumps are 3 feet bellow my water level and i use oneway air valves

  8. Hi Gary, I recently ordered the kit and had a question, would there be any issues with using a 7 gallon bucket instead of a 5 gallon? Thanks for the videos

  9. Why is the shipping so expensive. It’s like the same cost as all of the items. I want to order ASAP but can’t do the slowest shipping for over 50 bucks. That’s insane.

  10. Hello sir… I am very interested in getting this from you asap. I was wondering if these come in 6 or 8 bucket set up kits? Thank you kindly.

  11. Great video man , Ive been su[er interested in rdwc Thanks for all the cool tips and I think I will ne ordering one at some point.

  12. was just thinking you could put valves between each bucket or as necessary to control the balance of water flow between the buckets to keep it even. Should be cheaper than buying a new pump if someone already owns one.

  13. Hey guys, If you use a larger tubing size would you be able to use a larger pump and keep all of the buckets level? Sort of like your Fallponic system, but using this simpler Stirponic setup? I'm trying to get a temp setup for plants I started a few weeks ago that are really growing fast, and need to get them into some intermediate (4 Gallon) buckets until I can setup my 400 gph Fallponic type system with 13 G buckets and dont want to have to buy 2 pumps.

  14. Do you need more than 5 gallons of water to feed the entire system? The reservoir is only 5 gallons so do you need to fill it multiple times to get the water level correct throughout the entire system?

  15. Hey how can I pick up one of your recirculating systems deep water culture I seen you do another video on it and heard you say that you sell them I might be interested would like to talk about it

  16. Gary, thank you for the informative videos. Why not spend an extra $2 per line and add a airway check valve? This way you don't need to elevate the pump and in the event of a power outage water can't crawl all the way back to the pump.

  17. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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