Drunken Report of Clown Cops Harassin a CBD Shop in the UK

Weed is still illegal in the UK, so I’m having to still destroy my body and mind with alcohol because government is god. They said they were not able to find the …


  1. In January last year, little nnm14o fell ill. It’s okay, honourable a mild online cialis, which passed in five days. But the temperature in the twinkling of an eye returned away the end of the month: the thermometer showed 41. The youngster was urgently hospitalized with fever and convulsions. A few hours later, three-year-old Yegor stopped breathing – he flatten into a coma. With the better of a ventilator and a tracheostomy, the doctors resumed the work of the lungs, but oxygen starvation struck the brain. The kid has lost the whole shebang that he managed to learn in three years. The diagnosis is posthypoxic encyphalopathy.

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