1. It is cool to see H coming in the form of pills, never knew that.I want it badly now. Shooting up in the 50s was not a problem as C virus and HIV were not discovered yet.

  2. 7:46 – Narrarator: "After smoking a few reefers…" lol. This film sums of the sheer absurdity of the drug war against drugs in the United States; especially against Cannabis. This is funny though.

  3. Heroin gave me the best feeling I have ever had in my life destroyed everything I loved but marijuana never did shit to me except make me better as a human being

  4. Liberals always try to defend weed like it's some harmless wonder drug.
    It's the opposite, prolonged usage turns u into a slow, blithering NPC. Not to mention it has the same effects on your body as cigarettes
    And yes, plenty of federal data demonstrates it is a gateway drug.

  5. Always blame the weed… Actually the first drug I took was amphetamine and I've never really liked weed that much.

  6. Been smoking weed since I was 14 never touched the H 40 years later I'm in good condition and my brain still works ok.

  7. It bugs me they are not shooting up right 🤪 ahahaha
    Drug addiction is contagious
    'Hahaha Marty I touched you so now your an addict'

  8. Marijuana NEVER made me sick…and I should know…I've been enjoying it off and on ever since 1985 (AND btw, NO its NOT some so called "gateway drug" either…at least for me it's not, since it's still my one favorite drug.

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