Dr. Josh Axe: What is COLLAGEN? | Thrive Market

Curious about collagen? You’re in luck, because Dr. Josh Axe is here to discuss collagen, as well as bone broth, one of the top sources of collagen. If you’ve …


  1. This mess is so nasty! I paid 50 dollars and it’s disgusting.. nasty and stinky.. Y’all said tasteless and odorless but it’s not! I also don’t drink coffee so it’s not being hid in my drink! So angry

  2. Will collagen kick me out of ketones if taking with coffee in early morning fasting? I have been using 1 scoop @ 6am daily and my weight loss has stopped this past month. I’m using the one you recommended which has been great for my nails and hair. Please let me know about the fasting & taking with coffee. Thanks Dr Axe!

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