Disc Mulcher or Drum Mulcher -Which is better for forestry work and land clearing

Whats better -a disc mulcher or drum mulcher for land clearing and Forestry work. Lets look at both and go over the good and bad of each. In this video- we focus …


  1. Because I like all your past videos . I didn't click OFF, when you played LOUD useless music ,. We appreciate your talking & love the equipment sounds. ( your A+ education vids.= to Good for music, you dont need it like some, if not most people, because music, districts the mind form their BAD VIDEO.

  2. Good interview, the engineer guy was obviously nervous but he came out of himself with your help. At first I thought he was going to be difficult but you got him through. That is one serious piece of kit!

  3. Disc mulchers suck for the exact reason you see in this video, that stuff happens all the time even to experienced operators. You can never predict when that inertia won't quite be able to handle the tree and since that's the recommended use for loading cut material in to the system (not ground mulching like drum style). They're also terrible for mulching ground material and you end up hitting dirt / rocks and wearing down your teeth and taking projectiles to the cab far more often. Spend the extra money on a drum mulcher, the extra headaches are NOT worth it for a disc style.

  4. I've only used a drum mulcher and loved the work it did, but would like to try the disc type if I were out in the sticks away from spectators and needed to do a large area in a shorter period of time.

  5. Plan C, chainsaw the jamed log out. I once got a chunk of firewood stuck in about a 50 ton log splitter, I had to use a chainsaw to get it out.

  6. If you or someone you know is in the business of Forestry clearing i. Jax florida please get in contact with me I have a small job of an acre that I need to have cleared in this way.

  7. Did you just outright lie to your subscribers. I believe I have figured you out at this point. You're a salesperson. A BS artist. You got great skills but no integrity. Don't say you're gonna do something then don't do it. That makes you EXACTLY one of those industry guys that give your industry a really bad name. Oh! and it makes you a liar.

  8. Stanley you did a bang up job of interviewing this guy. You asked great questions and I appreciate your humility in the way you asked the questions because I know you already knew all this stuff personally.

  9. I have dreamed of a ASV RT120F as I've been around Bobcats of my own n experience. I almost pulled the trigger on one new, but my physical abilities have changed with age. Anyone that gets into this business or just general dirt work. You best be very mechanical n welder n understand how machines work.

    I would love to get into this, but my age n abilities throw up red flags. Hidden cables n wire n steel in the woods n bush can caus thousands along with stress of the job.

  10. Those saw blade style attachment's are the worst thing in the world for mulching. They throw things like missiles and leave a God awful mess. If you want to have a mulcher come in and do some work, ACTUALLY use a mulcher. These things leave you with more work than what they accomplish.

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