1. Lol it always weirded me out when people said that CBD is somehow different in weed, when it's just a molecule! I go with hemp CBD just because the high freaks me out more than I'd like. Cool vid!

  2. I got my lady some CBD and I think it’s from hemp. It said it contains 0.3 % THC. I think this will help her with her mood and ailments. I’d like to use something stronger, and marijuana itself, but I can’t due to my job.

  3. In my opinion CBD Oil from cannabis is much better than CBD Oil from cannabis. A ratio of 4:1 CBD to THC works best for me. You just cant get that THC content from hemp derived CBD. It doesn't get me high, just is far more effective for chronic pain and depression. People who use hemp derived CBD are undervaluing the benefits of THC.

  4. simple and to the point great video. I just started using CBD I find I like the flowers better but my wife seems to like the male CBD I think it just comes down to a preference of what reacts better to your body

  5. Very well done! Watched a lot of vids and you are clean and straight to the point. Keep up the good work! Would love to chat some time. I am second generation moving from pot to hemp.

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