1. Shri Thander Put over 10 Millons dollars Into his campaign Then lied about His record Saying that he voted Democratic all of His Life And Abdul E sayed Was right on Every issue So Was Grethen whitmer Abudl e sayed in my own Opinion Abdul coudve won if he got or had experience That My Opinion the more experience someone had the most lickly they would win the nomination Like

  2. OMG… Is this a comedy? Are you seriouse? Who the phuck are these people? You really vote for these people?

  3. Whitmer is running to ensure the continued profiting of insurance companies at the expense of our health.
    From the article linked below: "It’s possible that Whitmer’s opposition to single payer might not be rooted in practical concerns, but in personal ones. Her father, Richard Whitmer, was president and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan between 1988 and 2006. And in March, lobbyists for the company held a fundraiser for the Whitmer campaign."

  4. Grechen is fake and plastic. Basically a Hillary style clone that lies to your face, offers platitudes, complains that people have issues with her, and then says she has a plan when she really doesn't. Just another corporate Dem on the way out.

    Shri is a Republican claiming to be a progressive. He likes to throw Bernie's name around but you can straight up tell he's lying to get votes.

    Abdul is the only one on the stage with a plan, actual love for regular people, desire to truly help them, and see things done to improve everyone's lives in Michigan. He is the only clear choice and will be Michigan's next Governor.

  5. Trump supporters all claim trump is a GOD because he is not a politician…. well I will vote for only progressives that means Thanedar or El sayad … to hell with corporate dems…

  6. Whitmer claims she fought for healthcare, when her mother got cancer… then it became a hot button item for her…before that? I bet she did not give a damn about it… and her father was CEO of blue cross /blue shield …. hell she was raised on insurance blood $$$$…

  7. As has been mentioned, Shri didn’t know whether to run as a democrat or republican and Whitmer is beholden to the health insurance companies that funded her campaign.
    In my opinion, that leaves Abdul as the only on democratic candidate who really seems to be who he says he is. Let’s not make the same mistake we made in the presidential election of 2016. Sanders could have won had the DNC not insisted on running an extremely unpopular candidate. People in this country are fed up. Among other reasons, millions of Americans felt left behind and voted for Donald Trump.
    Michigan is a crucial state and it’s not looking good for us on the left. The people have real grievances and it would be stupid to continue to push candidates that continue to ignore it.

  8. Ironic how Whitmer always talks about how she's the ONLY ONE that can get things done yet Abdul is the only one constantly naming off his specific policy plans in order to fix the problems.

  9. Gretchen, "Let's work together with Republicans who consistently beat us into submission everytime! I'll work to compromise as long as it is exactly what Republicans want!"

  10. Gretchen, "I know how to cross the aisle..and as DNC-Democrat, will bow down to whatever the Republican Bullies want. But, let's face it…we both love Corporate Money, right?"

  11. Abdul is the only candidate who has an honestly NEW direction. Whitmer is warmed over Republican Lite/Corporate Dem and Shri is…I have no idea why he is running other than he likes business or jobs or children or ~ aw, screw it.

  12. It is so sad most of the Abdul's words lack substance akin to internet advertising gurus and Gretchen as an attorney is much better trained at making arguments. I think the outcome of the primary is obvious.

  13. Gretchen, MSU was never a top 10 school even in terms of public schools… where are these numbers coming from lol?

  14. Don't leave it up to the Universe to keep Progressives out of office, trust in God and VOTE! Taking peoples money by force is theft, it's not noble at all, it's Strong Armed Robbery. Don't make your kids slaves to the State.

  15. Build an electric bus system. Speed trains around the state. Push for clean energy and using the sun, wind, and water. Rebuild Detroit as one of the war zone like city. Work on making Michigan as a model state to the world, not a destroyed backwards state. Long way to go with ur way of thinking. Iraq had free education and healthcare since 1970. What's stopping Americans from having that in 2018?

  16. Honestly I don’t wanna judge this guy because of his accent but how are y’all watching this and thinking Shri did well or answered questions properly….

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