DELTA 8 Hemp Extract Review! The BEST Experience from Hemp I've Had? [from Arete Hemp]

Hey, everyone! Today I review a very special product from Arete Hemp, which is their Delta-8 THC broad-spectrum hemp concentrate. This product contains …


  1. Right on bro, glad you liked it! Not sure if it's good for me right now in my current life situations, but I am definitely interested in trying it. Thanks for reviewing it! Much love man, peace 🙂

  2. You played the Strat – Thanks Dude ! Nice playin' too. Interesting review, you seem pretty happy with how it turned out.

  3. I've had terrible experiences from D9. Gave me dpdr. I love cbd flower but should I give D8 a try? I don't wanna trip out like I did from D9

  4. That has a beautiful color bud. Just went to the dispensary and grabbed Saturn og. Love California. Later days

  5. I ordered some delta 8 tincture from 3chi. It comes in Tuesday. Delta 8 is gonna be blowin up in the hemp world.

  6. Keep it up! Can You describe the greatest moment of your life in your Next video. Also, i really want to be friends :3

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