Day 41 – Flushing with Flawless Finish ! – From Seed to Harvest – Autoflower – Advanced Nutrients

Day 41 —— Temp : 26-29C RH : 60 Light : 100% @ 60cm for 18h (average of 35.000 LUX) Water : 800ml of nutrient mix twice times a day EC : 1.4 Today we …


  1. Hello, I follow you from the first day, I have the same variety, I am on the 12th day, your problems those days which were? I have exactly the same as you in those days, including the problems in the leaves,,,,works on, soil (lihgt) / coconut 50% 11l , lec solux 315w 4, problem is that I am Spanish and I don't understand well:(, your garden looks very very nice, congrats !!!

  2. hi dude just found ur yt by going to growdiaries, looking for the zues 600w pro are u happy with those leds?
    i recently upgraded my 90x90cm to a 150x150cm only have a 400w hps now in there from lumatek.
    and a idea for ur plants is maybe looking into how cheap humidifiers work with a push system u could fill out bottle's and then set them up. if u want i could show u mine to lett u know what i mean

  3. Flawless finish is for the end of flowering. I never heard of anybody flushind plants with flawless finish in the beginning of flower. Maybe u know something i dont but the words are self explanatory. "Flawless Finish"

  4. I no this is your first time mate, but where u getting the idea of flushing so much, your going to ruin your grow just to have something to say during a video, good luck mate 🙌

  5. Ah ha, I now know what it is! This is a 2 part thing……..1 don't water/feed so close to bed time for the girls minimum 3-4 hours in between.
    1. Water droopping after you water is normal.
    2. Plants know when it's time to sleep or go dark…. They respond by drooping.

    So I think you have both going on. This is why ppl say water once when they wake up and again later with time left before they go to sleep.

  6. How about turning the humidity down a couple of points see if that stop drooping, puzzling as no sign of distress

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