Day 36 – Introducing : Big Bud Coco – From Seed to Harvest – Autoflower – Advanced Nutrients

Day 36 —— Temp : 24-26C RH : 60 Light : 100% @ 60cm for 18h (average of 35.000 LUX) Water : 500ml of nutrient mix three times a day EC : 1.4 Today we …


  1. Hey your doing an awesome job with the knowledge your sharing. I was wonder if you could ever show where your Defoliating from. How far from bud sights. how much on me branch. Just a little more detail to how your defoliating. Keep up the great work!!

  2. How long are they meant to take? flowers take about 6weeks from when they start showing
    but if it takes longer then they say,
    atleast they'll have a even bigger yield

  3. i turned notification on also . one question . im a new grower and during the day i move my 2 plants outside to catch some sun . after sun goes down i move them back in my tent . do you think thats a good idea? so basically i have them 24 / 7 with lighting . 12 hours at sun and another 12 in the tent with cfl ( a lot of them ). intersted on your ipinion . thanks again for your nice videos

  4. I'm really enjoying learning from your grow! My gorilla glue autoflower just had some droplet burns and I was wondering what they were from. Thank you!

  5. Question? Ppl talk about weeks and it's peculiar! Day 1-6 isn't week 1, week 1 could be day 7-13? So I find it silly but true as I sit here with a drink and bowl….yah know!
    Been watching from day 1, give a update on your topped girl! I think it will be some good content I would say that your big girl is taking more water and droops. When my girls hit flower and had huge root system they reacted to water faster and drank more! They sprang back in hours after watering.
    FYI, I would stop using Cal Mag as soon as your getting button flower tops. Reason is, Cal Mag NPK is for growth and your going to want close staggered nodes. The Advanced Nutrients Big Bud has the Cal Mag ingredients but at a much better design for close node growth. I learned this from a master grower that explained that you want to stop using Cal Mag once in full flower.

  6. Notifications on! Has been since day 1 watch everyday cheers man. Thank you for the consistency 🙏

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